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Hi there

I saw that you are new around here so I popped over to welcome you to h2g2 the
friendliest site around smiley - smiley. I read you would like some help to find yourself around h2g2 so here I am with some help and greetings.

I think I had better introduce myself I'm Lightman smiley - peacedove one of the site's Aces, we are
volunteers who’s pleasure it is to welcome new researchers like your good self, and make sure that you
are OK. Guiding you around this fantastic site, or just be someone to talk to.

If you want to read something to learn your way around h2g2 may I suggest you start with
<./>Welcome</.> and A317459 The h2g2-Tour, Which will give general information about the guide it's
links and help pages.

smiley - thepost
Like any community at h2g2 we even have our own newspaper called The Post <./>ThePost</.>,
published every Thursday. Why not click on the highlighted text and have a read.

Wondering about how to place smiley pictures,smiley - smiley just click on any smiley picture or <./>Smiley</.>
which will take you to a page which shows all of the smileys.

To help here is a list of some useful information.

Clicking on the 'My Space' button takes you to your Personal Space, which shows information about any
guide entries which you have contributed to, as well as conversations you've posted in.

If at any time you wish to change your personal details, Clicking 'Preferences', or going to the
<./>UserDetails</.> page will let you change your name, e-mail address, password or preferred skin.

There is even one skin designed for Digibox users click on A948602 to find out more.

When you wish to make your Personal page more visually interesting visit the <./>GuideML-Clinic?</.>
and <./>GuideML</.> pages. Here you can lean about the language H2G2 uses.

Remember h2g2 is the earth version of the guide, if you feel knowledgeable about something that is
missing from the guide why not read EditedGuide-Guidelines then write an entry.

Before I go Remember the words <./>DontPanic</.> If you joined for fun or to write an entrey for the
Edited guide, if need any help just reply to this message, I will come smiley - runas soon as I'm on line. Or
please contact any other <./>ACE</.> from the drop down list.

All the best.
smiley - peacedove


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Just poped back to say if you do not your present user name of Researcher 238450 why not clock on <./>UserDetails</.> where you can change your name to someting more frendly.

smiley - peacedove


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Thanks for that Lightman, some good links there.smiley - cheers
I'm starting to feel my way around.

See you around.

smiley - ta

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