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My entry has been blocked after a mail from a visitor from collective to the team of moderators.

It was not done because of care for a friendly sphere at h2g2, but from revenge.

So it be.

I will bow for the rules and anything that míght be a rule, for the sake of something far more important to me.

No, I will not write what I think.

You never know with those "rules"

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well, it feels like coming home and seeing the door locked by others with a note; change your garden before you can return home.

There is no formal notification with a timetable.

No; just ........uh, hide the entry and then he will whatever we want.
But my aim was not discussing with moderaters, because discussing - or even wárning - is clearly not their way of moderating a healthy forum.It's more like the structure/policy of the Vatican.

It's a mechanical way of moderating.

An overdosis of force, saying; first acting forcefully and pressing on and leave the choice to the writer of the personal entry to leave or obey.


Amsterdam clearly is a different place than London.

I'm glad I am where I am.

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I don't need discussions with moderators. Not my cup of tea.

I expect to be informed or even warned and given three days to change the site.

That kind of treating can be done just as automatically as what they do know.

This way of acting really makes my stomach turn.

John lennon might say; it feels like going back to school again.

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Titania (gone for lunch)

Alfredo, did they explain in the moderation e-mail *why* your user page (which I think is the entry you are referring to) was hidden?

And remember, those e-mails are from the Moderators - but if you reply to it, it will go to the h2g2 Editors - who might view things quite differently...

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well, at least it is a relief that Titania is in touch with it.

I'll see what I can figure out.

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It seems, that my entry has been freed by whatever/whoever.

Murphy, were are you hiding ? ..............

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It seems and appears to have been solved.
I don't know how, but it is.

I also first got an e-mail that my posting to a moderator - about someones behaviour at Collective - had not enough reason to be satisfied.

A day later I got another mail that now they díd fulfil.

There's no drama.

Just a confusing situation.

But it made me aware that the procedure of appealing to someone to make changes in their personal entry really can be moderated/streched/
phased in two or three steps.

But I already made that point.


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