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Hello, I hear you're a Beatles fan, Just wondering if you'd like to join the h2g2 fanclub?


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Thanks for your message.
I just responded at the website.

greetings from Amsterdam,



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No problemsmiley - ok


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Well, this might be an eye- and earopener for who are interested in their music; "The official top 100 Beatles Sites"


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Wow, pretty cool thankssmiley - biggrin

Beatles-CD-release 20 nov. 2006

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An album will be released that is a mixture of all kinds of real music of the f.f. and it will be released these coming days;"Love"


Love will be released on 20 November 2006

Listen to the clip;

More info (older news);

Beatles-CD-release 20 nov. 2006

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Saw "Timewatch - Beatlesmania" last night (Jan. 2007)

Music of the Beatles?;I'm even grateful I grew up with their music, especially music around 1966/67.

John,Paul,George and Ringo; it may sound naïve, but I believed and still do they were/are really nice guys with an inspiring friendship.
And of course, they're júst as human as anyone else.

Beatlesmania?; makes my stomach turn inside out.

Beatles-CD-release 20 nov. 2006

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Besides the almost collective psychosis of "Beatlemania" by some fans, their music still can be very inspiring, even in 2007. Brian Epstein said in 1966 that "even in the year 2000 people will be talking about the Beatles". Very well forseen.

Try this one;

Album, "Revolver" (1966)

Part 7, "tomorrow never knows"

"Tomorrow Never Knows," ;

A pure nightmare ,
where John sang portions of mystical writings,
into a suspended microphone over Ringo's thundering,
menacing drumbeats and layers of overdubbed,
phased guitars and tape loops…….

"Turn off your mind, relax
and float down stream
It is not dying
It is not dying

Lay down all thought
Surrender to the void
It is shining
It is shining

That you may see
The meaning of within
It is being
It is being

etc. etc.

Beatles-CD-release 20 nov. 2006

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As I saw and heard at BBC - world, S.Pepper HCB was released exactly 40 years ago.

In their discussion no one really thought it was their best alsbum,
but besides that it was the most influentional one;

the cover
no time between songs
not just songs to dance in the disco
John aswell paul wrote about their childhood and george about his love for eastern religion.

They had their hands and heads completely free (no tours any more),
and because of that freedom they made a very important turn in popmusic.
I agree on that.

My favorite albums are until S.Pepper when I hear it all in 2007.

P.S.Yes, a day in a live is a very great song with a huge "momentum".
Very dramatic.

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