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Shocking start...

to my morning. There I was, half asleep on my way to work, stopped at the red light and what should happen but a moped hits a pedestrian right in front of me. Great way to wake me up. Would have much preferred the java. I've never seen someone get hit at 40mph before, and it's not something I wish to see again. I've never seen a grown man fly 10 feet before.

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Chilled out Saturday.

Thinking about all those poor people stuck in traffic jams on one motorway or another right now, attempting to get away for the bank holiday weekend and finding themselves in a horrible place.

Also thinking about staying here for the weekend. For once, I've got the weekend off work and I'm not doing a lot with my time, except for getting shunted while out driving. smiley - grr

And the tv is driving me nuts, apart from the fact that there's only trash on (as usual), it keeps switching itself off which is really starting to annoy me.

Ah, f*** it, I'm going back to smiley - zzz

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