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Helloooooo L

Post 21


Maybe I'm miffed due to my lack of creative classes...I keep trying to remain pratical!
Lamposts, and lightbults, and brightness, oh my! Big problems are so not my cup of tea....*sigh*
Oh, would you like some smiley - tea?
I need something fun and exciting to do! But actually, I should be in statistics right now..

Helloooooo L

Post 22

A.Dent time

Err yes please, thanks, any fish cakes?

Ok back to real life.

I went and looked it up,smiley - ok

While Saturday started just fine,smiley - smiley I made in-roads on the small matter of getting my in house web servers populated with something resembling a website and would serve as a Mobile phone gateway, As we now seem to be growing mobile phones like babies grow teeth, my girl has two, her husband has three, and my other half has two, "phones that is not teeth".. I myself have two, my house has one too. Thank god the cat has no friends!

This “I am lead to believe” in these “modern worlds” is something called a “necessity”, I am told in no uncertain terms, If it weren’t for the driving forces of the commercial market we would all be talking to each other, face to face!, which I am not completely convinced of yet, how ever, They chatter and text away to each other all day long, as if it was some kind of elite voodoo magic, and us humans use them from time to time too. Riding the tail of technology until the bill comes due. Hence, the wap server and gateway.

The phone ring’s, I pick it up. (My first mistake) followed shortly after by the invasion of the fastest and the fittest (Thomas and Jack) trailing behind them comes, worn-out and dun-in (Mom and Dad), after the short period of mayhem everyone settles down to breakfast. I myself read my post from H2G2.

A phrase passes before my eye’s “Did you know that yesterday my Aura was orange” now being the possessor of a mind like a parachute (works best when open), I endeavoured to look it up, “Orange Aura that is”. After some time unsuccessfully Googling and Yahooing; I stumbled over an explanation of how to see one’s Aura in it’s full multi colored glory, and according to this Pearl of the WWW, and different parts of your body have different colored aura’s?. Interesting…! smiley - biggrin

At this point my second mistake of the day conspired with my first, to make a third,

Not being able to see/sense my aura, I moved my gaze over to my girl, who was sitting quietly on the sofa with little 8 months old Matthew on her lap, doing nothing ,hurting no one . I squinted hard and scrunched up my face, but still I could see nothing of this aura thing in either of them. It was then that I realized that she was looking back at me, she looked around and then back at me, and then put Matthew down on the floor and started to undo his diaper. At this I moved my gaze to somewhere else (as you do). More precisely the two other little ones on the other sofa, jack the smaller of the two looked at me with a somewhat puzzled look on his face, not wanting to confuse him, I smiled at him and went back to squinting hard and scrunching up my face. (That was mistake three).

Now jack being a boy of little faith and lots of fun, must have considered this to be some strange new game that no one had told him about. And as such he found it necessary to improvise some rule of his own, While understand that in the main, the point of the game was to generally contort ones face and squint through half open eyes, he felt compelled to lift his arms to eye level and growl, as you do, and to run around trying to look like a little zombie on speed,

Now at this point the other ones (Thomas) attention was distracted from the delightfully colorfull power puff girls epilog on the TV, and found it irresistibly important to chase his little brother with his arms out stretched and squinting through half open eyes like a bigger zombie on speed.

Now as any parent of short-standing will tell you. (Don’t interfere with kids games, it’ll only end in tears “Yours”)

However me being a parent of long-standing, (I forgot)

I lunged forward to capture jack as he flashed past me smiley - run with his bigger brother in hot pursuit,smiley - run He obviously saw this coming (am I that transparent) and reassessed his trajectory and flipped in to avoidance mode and changed his heading to due south,

Now unfortunately in my house due south is the same heading as the door just happens to be, standing doing the thing doors do best. (Being ajar) ever since the kids where born the doors in my house have favored the ajar position, I suppose they can see more of the room that way.

Anyway as you can guess jack impacted the ajar door head on, follow shortly thereafter by his body, the door groaned a little and Jack rebounded with a look of surprise on his face. Then Thomas impacted Jack with a look of surprise on his face and jack toppled off back, doorways bound, jack impacted the ajar door head on again, followed shortly thereafter by his body, followed shortly thereafter by his bigger brothers body, the door groaned a lot.

Well, what can I say; it was all my fault.
(Second rule of parenthood “don’t admit to anything”)(I forgot that one too),

So I did, I said sorry, that was my fault, to the both of them. Jack climbed off his bigger brother, with tears rolling down his cheeks, he walked over and hit me on the knee, puffing “bad sparks” in-between the sobs; his bigger brother did the same but with a smile.

Mom at this point rendered the classic.
I’ve told you two about running around before, now stop it, and sit-down.

And turned and looked at me and said.
Anyway what were you looking at me like that for?, there’s nothing wrong with his diaper!!

I said nothing (Second rule of parenthood “don’t admit to anything”) (I remember it now),
Just smile.

Two bruises, and one unnecessary changed diaper later and I’m still in the dark about Auras.
Can anyone help..!

Helloooooo L

Post 23


***Laughing insanely****
(Way too much to even use the smiley - laugh symbol...that would so not be enough!)
Oh, here: smiley - rofl (Almost literally.)
All that just from the innocent question on auras.....incidently, I have yet to see them either. I've tried...and had little funny episodes either.

On the other hand, I'm now attempting even more things to be ashamed of. (Oh, the horror! The horror! I ended that sentencce with a preposition!!!!):

I joined a V-LARP.

smiley - blush

I participated from the hours of 6 pm to 6 am...

smiley - blush

I liked it.

smiley - blush

Explanation: In case you aren't aware, LARP is Live Action Role Playing...a V-LARP is a Vampire one...

Rationalizations: I wasn't my fault. The one who introduced me to the 'aura' thing also happened to mentioned this. I immediately mocked it entirely. A month or so later, I am bribed into attending. ("If you come with us, We'll go to musical monday"...We needed more members for musical mondays...) I go full of sarcasm and well armed with books and items of amusement....they were entirely untouched when I left.
You see, I was of the clan Toredor...the artists...

Oh, smeg, must go take an exam...I'll finish this later! In the meantime, feel free to say hello if you so desire!

Helloooooo L

Post 24

A.Dent time

hello : )

Thank you for you appreciation.

Well it been “in my part of the uk” hot today, but uneventful, I’m on phoney support till midnight, and working to set up a test site for a new metal band, on the sly,smiley - biggrin very dark and moody is the order of the day. 7 RusHing-South is the name, new age metal is the game!!! I have a one page demo with an intro, up and running on my personal web space, hope they like it. Have you Web space you can call your own, if so, I came across earlier today a perfect site template for lamppost free to boot smiley - smiley.

“Innocent question” no such thing. smiley - winkeye

Humm ....V-LARP

Humm....again, see

Twice...Humm, …clan Toreador or Degenerates
The most sophisticated vampire clan, concerned with beauty in a way no mortal can fathom, they are also closest to the world of men. They use the rarefied senses given them by the Embrace to become as consumed and impassioned as possible. Ideally, to a Toreador, nothing matters as much as beauty, though in many cases the search for Beauty is overwhelmed by the search for Pleasure.( I look it up!! : ),) Will read more when time allows.

>>The one who introduced me to the 'aura' thing also happened to mentioned this.<<

He sound fun, Is not the Papa Mache cast and the skirt man, one and the same?????

If I may ask, what exam...?

Until we have more free time.

A.Dent smiley - smiley

Helloooooo L

Post 25


All right, today was the second offical skirt day!!!
3 guys dressed up...And I pulled them into various classrooms and made them sing for tips...smiley - biggrin
Next month, I shall have even more recruits!!!smiley - evilgrin
(It will definately stir up the Oklahoma atmosphere...Actually, one little girl (why she was at a college campus, I have no idea...) saw me and one of the guys and asked if we switched clothes...(I was wearing pants...for about the first time in 3 months.)
It really was nice. And I loved dressing them up and planning their outfits! And painting them!
The original skirt man is my paper mache of the newer recruits is the "aura" and "LARP" one....
I need to learn to specify...Ohy.
More later, must sleep!
smiley - ta
smiley - smiley

Helloooooo L

Post 26

A.Dent time

Waves to Lampost smiley - biggrin

it's silly o'clock here, it's been a long day!

good night, stay bright smiley - biggrin

Back soon.


Helloooooo L

Post 27


Hello Dent, what ya knowing?

I'm sleepy, tired, worn out...and yet
I have
so much to do!
Alas, alas, alas!

"I think I'll have A martini,
two at the very most,
after 3 I'm under the table,
after four I'm under the host!"
(Dorothy Parker)

Chem exam today, brain fried. Neurotic tensions and diamonds on the soul.

Got my first paycheck/cheque!

Spent it.

Another larp tommorow...

Oh, spirit guardian is most likely a harpie?


Hopefully more when coherent, have a lovely day! smiley - run

Helloooooo L

Post 28

A.Dent time

how's it going ?

smiley - smiley

Helloooooo L

Post 29


A. Dent, it's been ages!!!!smiley - sorry
I've been uber-busy!
Doing what, you may ask...Mainly, trying to stop myself from saying uber.
(Tauroid (The Boy Who Sees Auras) says "Hi!")
(I think I'm going to make him get an account.)
Alas, I also had to move apartments....such work is not the lot for me!
But, nevermind, how have you been?

Helloooooo L

Post 30

A.Dent time

Marry Christmas

Helloooooo L

Post 31


Happy Holidays to you as well. Hope all is well!smiley - hug

Helloooooo L

Post 32

A.Dent time

Hi-ya how goes thing smiley - smiley

Helloooooo L

Post 33


Hello A. Dent!
How have you been? I am quite well. Many things have changed since my last post, but nothing too significant or dramatic. The most exciting thing is that I have become a member of the SCA (! HUZZAH! smiley - smiley

Well, tell me how things go!

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