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A.Dent time

Helloooooo L

How’s you,
smiley - smiley

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Oh, hello!
You're back, you seemed to have vanished for a bit...
I'm doing quite well, and you? How have you been?

Helloooooo L

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A.Dent time

I am just fine thanks, smiley - ok Apologies for the long absence, hectic here, btw, how’s the book? (The Davinci Code)smiley - winkeye. I found it just a little to much, I thought “The Body” was a better way of handling the subject. still a good book for a winter night.

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Actually, I have yet to start it...I've been very caught up in that dreaded rl lately!
Well, to be entirely honest, I'm caught up in crafts. All I've done lately is poor neglected computer!
Woe is me! Woe is it!
No, really. I've just started a life-size paper mache project...casting one of my friends. (I love paper mache, and this is the fist time I've been able to use a live model!!!) And yesterday, I painted one of my other friends...nice designs all over arms, face, chest...Very fun!
And everytime I start reading anything (book form or otherwise) I get the urge to stop and paint!
It's fun, but a bit bizarre...I fear for when my classes resume (Monday)...I mustn't skip classes to paint!
It's a pity I'm not an art major...Currently I'm a history and bio major...have I said that before?
Wow, I'm in a very, very babbly mood...sorry!
Have a great day!smiley - biggrin

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A.Dent time

Ooo. do tell us more. Pleeeease smiley - smiley

Helloooooo L

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Oh, if you insist!smiley - biggrin
So, the new summer term has classes appear to be easy, if very tedious...
Not sure how I'm going to be able to force myself to attend them...ugh. My schedule is as follows:
1. Statistics (Seems to be even easier than expect, plus, I don't have to buy the text book!smiley - smiley Friend in class is sharing theirs...)
2. Chemistry I (Seems to be purely review...Easy worksheets...blah...*note to self: buy book!*)
3. Writing II (Good teacher, easy class... Another class in whish I don't have to buy the book...although, I think I already own it...I sort of collect random textbooks...)
4. Individuals in Comtemp. (No clue what this is...haven't went yet..)
5.Chem Lab (Haven't went yet, but I'm hopeful!)

Ah, yes, classes...
My paper mache is coming along smashingly well! I've completed most of the structure....not the actual piece.
Oh, yesterday I watched "Cannibal the Musical!" That was quite a lot of fun!
What else is happening? Oh yes, today is my doggie's birthday! (My darling airedale terrier...mana!)
Oh...and season six of Buffy came out today...(That's another thing that's fairly recent...I accidently got hooked on Buffy...which I've always professed to hate...and never intended to watch...opps!)
smiley - erm...Are you sure you want to hear all this?
smiley - run

Helloooooo L

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A.Dent time

Hello Lampost. smiley - smiley

yep that’s a big yes here too, we are planning for the end of term. Looks like you have your hands full this term. Hum…. Individuals in Comtemp. That sounds intriguing. BTW I have access to E-Book for education, if I can help, let me know. (Oh and happy birthday to mana. Btw how did you pick her name?)

As you can see Buffy and Angel are big over here, I see now that they have ended the airing of the final season a contract is being negotiated with “Dark Horse Comics, making it a place where the shows' mythology lives on”. I must admit, I myself have not missed one of the last Buffy series and am well into the Angel series.

The Paper Mache sounds unusual. Do tell us more, Mind you, saying that. I have only ever worked on people in plaster of Paris.

I turned down an offer to see Cannibal the Musical on VHS some years ago, maybe it’s time to re-think my reasoning and have a look.

>>Are you sure you want to hear all this? <<, O yes.


Helloooooo L

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Hi again!
More babble time before I run off to bed! I get very little sleep these days...
Well, to begin let's recap my day, or parts of it:
~My brother came to vist...we played pool/billards/hitting balls with sticks
~I have developed a tendency to use one word and follow it with syonomns of that word...
~I still meow, even though I frequently deny it! And ultra violet catastrophe doesn't cut it!
~Ate pizza.
~Slept through Statistics...
~Noticed/nitpicked errors made by my professor. (Well, actually, the replavement, the other one is lost somewhere in Europe...)
~Decided I really liked the song "Extraordinary" by Liz Phair (could be a brief addiction...)

Okay, no more today, well, I'll just made a list of recent things:
~Paper mache is my current favorite medium with which to play...And the casting is going remarkably I completed the torso. Tommorow, perhaps, I'll create the face (will use clay to shape nose/ears/eyes). I love it! I recommend it! (I love most craft/art related things!)
~Already procrastinating on homework in...english, Individuals, math...
~Went to Individuals; I think our excitement/interest was wasted. I have found the class wanting...Two hours of watching videos of historial facts that are skewed!
~ Found a lovely place to sit... Nice sofa!

Uh, other things:
~BUFFY: Have you seen the musical? Oh, much love for it!!! It is the reason I forsook my longdrawn hatred of the Slayer in the first place...(Did I say that already?)
~Cannibal the Musical: Why did you resist? I can't resist anything with the word "musical" following it!
Besides, how can I resist something that features a song like this:
"I can catch a helpless animal,
Skin it with my bare hands.
I wake up muddy,
And I go to bed bloody,
'Cause I'm a trappin' man.

I can brave the nastiest weather.
Even if it's 80 below.
My pa was an elephant, but that's irrelevant.
My ma was an Eskimo.

I eat rabbits' heads for breakfast.
With beaver butt on the side.
The side!
My mind's magnificent and my body no different.
I'm full of trapper pride!

Yo-ho! Yo-ho! Yo-ho!
Rip their fur, cut their skin with my knife.
Yo-ho! Yo-ho! Yo-ho!
One thing's for sure, there's nothing like a trappin' life!

I'm badder than the baddest sailor!
I make love to women to 10 feet tall.
Good lord!
I've got a chest of wonder and balls of thunder.
I can break right through a wall.

I love the sound of metal,
Snapping on an animal's head.
Sometimes they scamper
Sometimes they whimper
But they always end up dead.

(Interlude by Nutter)
I've always wanted to be somebody
Who didn't get pushed around.
Now that I'm a trapper,
I'm the meanest guy around.
(Frenchy interrupts)
Second meanest!

The blood of a fresh-cut rodent
Is as sweet as brandy wine.
And the brain of an antelope
Tastes like cantaloupe.
What a yummy life!

Yo-ho! Yo-ho! Yo-ho!
Rip their fur, cut their eyes out with my knife.
Yo-ho! Yo-ho! Yo-ho!"
(The trapper song-Cannibal the Musical)

And then, they continue to argue over the musical scales...Locely!

But wait there's more, it isn't sold in any store!

No, sorry, my head's not quite functional right now...Till we meet agian! smiley - biggrin
(Oh..I start my work study on sunday too!)

Helloooooo L

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A.Dent time

Helloooo again lampost. smiley - smiley

On synonyms of that word... to emphasise an idea by using a number of synonyms or analogys is a sign of an educator you know.smiley - yikes

>I still meow, even though I frequently deny it! <
As in……?, or have I got it roundabout?smiley - footinmouth

>Paper Mache (I love most craft/art related things!)< have you called it anything? When it’s finished, what are you going to do with it?

Arr...Individuals in contemporary (US) history…? If I am not mistaken then; History is written by the victors and prone to a “little” romantic interpretation.

Or as put by t “U241691” in… Isn't amazing...

>Have you seen the musical< “I have, but only by proxy. Once More with Feeling”, what a pleasant surprise I envisage you to be a Historian at hart, not that the two are mutably exclusive though.

>Cannibal the Musical: Why did you resist?< It was left in a VCR I had in for repair, the colleague, (the owner) asked if I would like to borrow it, I hade seen parts as I did the repair, the subject was ripe for an irreverent mistreatment I thought . The humour was rude, offensive, but never the less hilarious to my basic side.smiley - winkeye

(Oh..I start my work study on Sunday too!)….Do tell. smiley - nahnah (stunt double for all ears smily )

A.Dent smiley - smiley

Helloooooo L

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Still work free, only till tommorow I fear.
Approaching last few precious moments where I can truthfully claim I've never worked a day in my life.
Oh, how I long for those lazier days...

"There's little in taking or giving,
There's little in water or wine;
This living, this living, this living
Was never a project of mine.
Oh, hard is the struggle, and sparse is
The gain of the one at the top,
For art is a form of catharsis,
And love is a permanent flop,
And work is the province of cattle,
And rest's for a clam in a shell,
So I'm thinking of throwing the battle --
Would you kindly direct me to hell?"
(Coda by Dorothy Parker)

But, not truly. I kind of like being this makes me feel vaguely useful. And that's always an important feeling.

I should warn you, it's about 4 AM here, and so, I am truly exhausted and this may come out sounding very strangely.

Did you know that yesterday my Aura was orange?
Or so my friend assures me... And he further states that that means, "Warmth, creativity, emotions, indication of courage, joy, etc..."

Ah, yes, and apparently today my aura was grey. ("Color of initiation, and indicates movement toward unveiling innate abilities")

I believe in testing any and all religions, so yesterday I assisted him in a ritual... It was quite interesting, but not something I'd want to try to very often...

smiley - erm Let's see...what to say?

Oh, UVC!!!smiley - biggrin

Oh, and as to the paper mache I'm making currently, I plan to give it to the guy I'm casting...he gets to deal with it's fate. The first one I made is standing badly bruised and beaten in my room...(Not an act of my own...I only tried to throw him off a building, with little success...smiley - grr I really can't stand my works to be greatly upsets me, and so, I must always get rid of them.)

Do you like Simon and Garfunkel? How about ABBA? Tori Amos? x-ray spex? (These happen to be a few of the things I'm listening to currently...)

At this point, I think I've babbled on excessively about myself...Now, you, speak!



"We'll Answer"
(The Witches in Macbeth...)

But seriously, you talk rude my incessent babbling has been....smiley - sorrysmiley - smiley

Helloooooo L

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A.Dent time

smiley - smiley Let's see...what to say? Err …babble

A day, in the life of A Dent (a bank holiday at that smiley - winkeye )
Started “work” on home serves (web site stuff) interrupted by my daughter,” do you want to come to a car boot sales with us?”,,,, read (can you help me pick up a cheap something or other)

me “what are you going for?”
daughter ”nothing really just a look” ,,,,,read (I won’a spend some money).

me OK smiley - smiley

About 30 minuets later on the most untypical bank holyday Monday (dry, sunny and hot, normally wet, dull and cold) we were driving down a long dusty track leading around the outside of a ex-crop field , wheat by the looks of the remains, looking for the occasional hole in the dust cloud launched into the air by the cars in front and hoping that this was the right thing to do, following a car that could see just about as little as us.

We arrived at the organizers designated parking place, well a rut in the ground anyway, and tried, unsuccessfully to park with all four tyres at the same height from sea level. Then half of us climbed up out the car, while the others slipped down and back up so we all met at the back. We removed the push-chair from under the tail gate and placed a sleepy 8 month old Matthew in, and while the others debated which was the best way to escape the dust cloud and end up at the place we wanted to be, I scribbled Clean me on the tailgate window in the dust that clung to the exterior of the car as if it was a new coat of paint.

We set off in an anti-sun direction, it seemed as good a way as any, after a short and unmemorable hike we found ourselves outside the porter loo’s at which someone said “carry on and we’ll find you later” followed by the sudden loss of 50% of our party.

As normal we started in an anti clock-wise direction and examined the endless menagerie of house-old obja-dar laid out in a methodically organized chaos, on each paste table or redundant piece of garden furniture for our inspection by it’s proud owners, exulting its worth and trust worthiness guaranteed by it’s long and faithful service.

Amongst seven rows of twenty establishments we stumbled on the now mandatory DVD/CD/VHS sales man, normally residing just in front of a rent-a-van , with an assistant who seemed more interested in the coming and goings than selling this most up-to-date and prestigious as yet unreleased items at an amazingly cheap price ( special offer, today only, just for you ). Copies of the Prisoner of Azkaban for £15.00. And the local horticulturalists trying to sell off its slow moving stock of six foot palm trees in thirty inch terracotta pots for a staggeringly cheap £90 ONO, from the back of a un-marked 3 ton box Van.

The good old English tea /Ice-cream woman/man respectfully was just half way around, just before the now also obligatory, bouncy castle and pony rides for a quid respectfully, Thoughtfully placed just to the left was the porter loo’s with the hotdog and hamburger people adjacent, just in case you felt the need.

My favoured places are the ones with the small flat brick like objects with many clean flat pages in them. Of which there were lots, Hiding under the Rosemary Collins, Catharine Cookson, my eagle eyed other half found a copy of Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, proclaiming on the back cover to be, A THUMPING GOOD DETECTIVE-GHOST-HORROR-WHODUNNIT-TIME TRAVEL-ROMANTIC-MUSICAL-COMEDY-EPIC, as reviewed by the author, and at a knockdown price of 25uk pence.

I myself found various bits of IT stuff and a magnetic stone of unknown origins I was earnestly told by the 13 year old boy proclaiming to have found it in his back garden after a rather vociferous thunder storm one cold winter’s night some years ago, and who believed it to have fallen from the sky. I declined the offer of this purchase after finding the words made in Hong Kong imprinted on the underside.

We found several interesting places to hide from the home made hard sell of the entrepreneurial fly boys selling everything from DVD players to Photo mobile phones for a tenner at giveaway prices. And left with a chair fit for a computer room of small dimensions and several Safeway bags of small flat brick like objects with many clean flat pages, for the kids. As it’s a Sun-Monday its lunch at the pub, Chicken / fish and chips tall ice-creams in glass, beer and wines…. Don’t ask. A quick diaper change. and home for coffee.
Cut the grass on the fish tank, give the fish 10 gallons of fresh water, and 6 pinches of crushed/flaked something or other, sit down to see if Enterprise have anything resembling an explanation for the physics involved in the movement of one body to a different part of the universe without a hizenburgh…? Compensator or Roesonburgh bridge.

It’s now midnight and the day has gone, I have two hours of study, and still have not got any closer to getting my house web backup, and its back to trying to keep the IT bits at work, working, tomorrow.

Are you sure you wanted to hear that?

A.Dent smiley - smiley back soon.

Helloooooo L

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"'carry on and we’ll find you later' followed by the sudden loss of 50% of our party."
Why aren't my days this amusing?
I just lounge around with mundane bits of newspaper and starchings...
It fell from the sky? Amazing.
I must see this.
Serious, the day, wow. Is this a 'normal' occurance?
A very curious Lampie...

Helloooooo L

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Ah thought it was you smiley - smiley
Well you wrote it, now you can clean it. Thats all i can see every time i go into my immaculatly dusty bus. smiley - erm
smiley - chick

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A.Dent time

OK,,, back to Dent-ish-ness smiley - smiley

As usual I’ll start doing things backwards

Is this a 'normal' occurrence? Well yes, that about sums it up, with the exception for the word “normal” is a bit of stretch.

>>Did you know that yesterday my Aura was orange?<< Well no, but now that you have said that, and me having an mind like a parachute, I went and looked it up, and I must say I was unsuccessful, with the exception of getting (one changed dipper And a few bruises.)
Which I don’t believe to be of high standing in this field, but I will try again later, when no one is around.

>> I believe in testing any and all religions,<< ? Do tell a little more?

Do you like /etc/?
Err, well music, I have a taste for songs with meaningful words and a tune that hangs around in my head like a white fluffy cloud on a sunny day, again not exclusively, troubled water, poor boy, never Abba ((don’t know why)) Saturday night fever is a memory prompter of youth gone by, as is Queen and Black Sabbath, Meat Loaf. The Carpenters, Oxygen by JPJ only. I have developed a taste for Rond Veneziano, as shrapnel from the film “Not quite Jerusalem”, and a liking for the classical acoustic guitar solo’s as something to perrr too. In fact most stringed instruments that are plucked or bashed and a few wind one too as long as it ant scratched. I use the violin to tune things from time to time; it saves me a dentist trip as a consolation.

>> Paper Mache and work free<<, how is it going then?

smiley - smiley

Helloooooo L

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Ohy, I've been away for soo long! (3 days...)
Can't talk in any specific order, as I've got a lot of work today... Work study in fact!
Let's start with that: I had my first day of work on Sunday. I went in, turned on 3 tvs, sat in a room reading my book for 4 hours, turned off the 3 tvs, and left. I get paid to do this! I have to go do that today too. From 5 to some undisclosed time...this is depressing because today my friends are going to the drive-in theatre, which I adore. smiley - envy
Ah, well, I can't stand modern movies anyway.
Today has been a wonderful day though. Yesterday, I declared that today would be "skirt day". This meant that every male I know (on campus) was told to wear a dress... Sadly, only one did. The one I'm paper macheing...(how does one spell that?). He let me paint his face and dress him up like a doll...And I carried his books for him and opened doors and such...Very amusing!
*note: I currently live in Oklahoma (aka the bible belt), where this is not at all common or accepted...)smiley - biggrin As I said, very fun!
Let's see, what else? I've found a pond to go swimming in late at night when I can't sleep! (I love to swim, but hate pools!)

Religions: I believe in testing any and all religions. I've been to a mosque, a Hindu offering, many branches of christanity, most recently, that Wiccan ritual... What I really want to go to is Sciencetology... I should explain, I like to go to these this to...I guess the word would be analyze them? I love studying different religions and cultures...mou.
My own religious beliefs are a bit lacking...They mainly revolve around a bit of everything. I call my self a 'hippotamus' when ever anyone asks my religion, and the closest one to my beliefs is probably "Bokonism" (see A2021554 or read Cat's Cradle by Vonnegut...or do you get the reference?) But, I shall continue to try them all...

Oh dear, time for work, More late my friend!

Helloooooo L

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I'm at work right now...don't tell!
Just wanted to say hi!smiley - run

Helloooooo L

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A.Dent time

hi! smiley - winkeye

Helloooooo L

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A.Dent time

Helloooo smiley - biggrin

>I get paid to do this!< Very guard-ish by the sounds of things. But still, money for nothing. and study time free, can’t be bad. I have something like that, A long time ago the "thing" renegotiated our contracts (sacked us) and hired us back on three part-time contracts, now I have three jobs, one being, telephone support (phoney support) for students. A lot of sitting around at home, but I get free internet. smiley - smiley

Skirt-day, smiley - biggrin At Uni we had drag-days for charity, the girls made better looking guys and the guys, well tarts! Which told me something. I ended up looking like the Robinsons golly on the jar (forgive the obvious un-PC-ness). the thing was, it was common and acceptable, as born out by the greeting we received around the town (Manchester).

Yes religion, I lost it, and other things, some were around, 1979, when I started working in operating theatres. But having said that, I do tend to follow the teaching of the Christian way, as in… thaw should not……etc. O and I only have three cheeks to turn. I need one to sit on. But more from social survival than anything. Finding this to be something of a freedom from the powers that be manipulations. And I have no inclination to go find it again. I went through the popular religion of the days, more the main stream socially expectable ones. I am making my way around the rest in a somewhat cloak and dagger fashion, all I need is the hat. I have a friend who was a Scientologist, now he has turned back to Mormon ship and had another that changed form Christianity just before she moved to Arizona. Wiccan sounds very “cultural”, Studying different something that I have found to be more fascinating the older I get,

The Biblia describes a great sea monster Leviathan. Earth enemy of Leviathan is mythical hippotamus. Both of these monsters are not satellites of the devil but are inconceivable of god’s creative work! “what a copout smiley - rofl now I remember why I lost my religion”

I've found an OAK tree with a view on our universe, and one or two others, for late at night when I can't sleep! And the Airport is a nice place for coffee at two-three in the morning with friends we find.

Cat's Cradle by Vonnegut. I have seen and read a lot about this Ice 9, but to date, have not. It's a subject I will look into someday?

Oooooo, Oklahoma sounds so much fun. smiley - smiley.

>More late my friend!<..smiley - blush thank you

Helloooooo L

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Hello agian, my Dented one!
How is every little thing?
Not much time to type today as I have Chem Lab in one hour, then dinner, then musical monday!(I think we're watching "Hair" tonight...which pleases me.) Then maybe some Buffy? Hmmm...I'm not sure.
Today I almost accomplished something...I switched my 2nd major to English and attempted to plan out my schedule for the fall/autumn term. Ohy.
Here's what I have so far:
- Botany & Botany Lab
- Chem II & Lab
- American Civ....
Still have to sign up for more, plus turn in forms, and scamper around...lots of other forms I need to fill out to...and work I 'should' be doing...Hmmm.

If I get anymore interested in other cultures/religions/societies...I think I might begin to frighten myself. smiley - yikes

Honestly, I'm already a bit miffed at myself...but at least I like me!smiley - biggrin

Oh, time is fleeting, I must run, we shall speak more at a later time!smiley - smiley

Helloooooo L

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A.Dent time

Hello Lampiiie my friend

>>my Dented one!<< Why thank you, I think smiley - biggrin
The little things are just find thanks; it’s the big ones that get me…?
How’s you?
I see you have your hands full sorting out your fall term
Botany & Botany Lab, Chem. II & Lab American Civ....
Seems very lacking in creative thingies!

>> bit miffed at myself...<< why?

Until you have more free time then.

Dent...smiley - smiley

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