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HM The Queen, Lunch with.

Well today I had lunch with HM The Queen.

When ever anyone asked where I was going or had been, I told the truth. Though they thought I was talking smiley - bleep untill I showed them the Invitation/Menu/Seating Plan.

Anyway busy life, might tell you more about it later.

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WIRO - Forum Implemented, awaiting users.

Just a note to say that I have Implented my information systems project, and as promised have a version up for people to use.

The site is free and dosn't link to any other sites, contains no objectional content as yet(its empty except for the about) and does not aim to take anything away from hootoo. with the exception of mabe some roleplayers that clog the system anyway smiley - winkeye

I do ask that when using it, you be nice to it, it will break if abused, its only a school project. I also ask that you read the about.

the site is

to aquire a username and password send an email to: wrpf.admin at gmail dot com

in the subject put "signup"

in the content, who you are. what username you would like. if you would like to be considered to be made a DM so that you can run some games.

Currently I have no need for users to act as moderators, I will deal with that myself, unless it becomes and issue, in which case it would likely be more appropriate to exclude the user, or just shut down the forum.

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WIRO Journal - RP Forum, phase 1 complete, moving to phase 2.

smiley - wow
*does a little dance and is generally happy*

I have completed that horrid evil design thing, its all done, i jsut need to print 3 bits off when i get into school tommrow and add it to the bits i have already done. then give it to my teacher.

the design is done!!!!

so now i can get to the fun bit which i enjoy, the coding and the bits that make it work, woo.

the version of the forum i am making won't have all the magic functions that i intend to have included for the main one, that everyone gets to play with, 1 factor being time, the other being i would have had to include it in the desing and can't be bothered lol, but the basics will be done smiley - smiley.

to those asking about testing. i still would like help testing the version everyone will get to use once i have done it smiley - smiley however, the one for school i had to write up lots of horrid n confusing test data that will be put into the system smiley - smiley and show that it works accoring to the spec smiley - erm well thats the idea but mabe not. so erm yeah ...

oh its going to be so much fun coding, but will i get it done in time?

if it is before i alter it for proper use, you might get a look around it, depends how i feel ...


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Wooo the promised snow is finally here smiley - biggrin

well now that excitement is over, off to school ...

smiley - snowball

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WIRO Journal - Name that forum

This forum that alot of you know I am already making for my project, which I hope to after that make a live forum.

It needs a name.

For those that don't already know, for my IS project I am creating a forum designed from the ground up specfically for role play games. With inventroy and stats beside each game, and special controls for the Dungeon master in charge of the game. Which as i have said above after completing I intend to make avalible for everyone to use online smiley - biggrin

So help name it for me smiley - smiley

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