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when you get around to it?

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are you very busy at the moment then, that you haven't got round to your personal space?

when you get around to it?

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yeah, quite busy, i do have time to my self at times, but its all to do with what things im ment to be doing, and what has proority over otherthings.

Such as I need to go get ready to go out and do cadet related things, then when i get back, giving a proper reply will be a high priority, but my personal space will still be way down low. Lower than the guide entry I am getting myself to right.

Got to rush off now, but thought you deservered a reply since i am still online.

when you get around to it?

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well hopefully you'll get a few minutes to do it at some point. I know what it's like. I seem to get times when I dion't have anything to do and then suddenly I've a million things to do at once. It's not good. It'd make life so much easier if everything would spread itself out.

Well have a good night. Hopefully run into you again on here.

when you get around to it?

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Right, erm, yeah, I am actully far busier than I realised I was a week ago, even though then I had even more task than I do now smiley - erm.

What I have thats keeping me busy and generally taking precedence over my personal space.

School - Just had estimate/prelim/whatever exams, I have projects that still need completed up to point X by monday, why can't I be bothered?

Cadets - General cadeting activities, and gradually (about five minutes at a time) setting up the archtecture to run an intranet within the unit to act as an easy to use information resource. At the moment my aim with that is to get it to a stage where I can show it off as a prototype and tell people what kind of information they need to get hold of etc that are part of the project, and how they would enter it into the system. Im the only smiley - geek there with adequate computer knowledge for what I am attempting.

Work - Work every weekend Saturday and Sunday, unless I prearrange not to (Cadet activities, Mates in the final of battle of the bands, etc). technically eight hours a day, and with a rather nice hourly rate with it.

On top of that a work/personal/fun/really-useful-thing trying to setup a server that I jsut got today, installed and the bit I really got it for seemed to work fine ... adjusted slightly, and inadvertantly destroy that functionality. Will sort it tommorrow.

Then there is me having my own time.

Then there is all the random little things that people want me to do for them. Fixing something minor on a family computer when it dons't go how they want. Finding a program to do something for them. Tidy up, figure out which of 2 uni unconditionals I want to accept.

Learning to drive.

All thats when I manage to keep my head away from reading a book ... let myself start then I won't want to stop regardless of what I need to go and do.

ooo Im ranting, do I really have that much to do ...

Almost forgot, I am also trying to get myself to write a guide entry with the aim of getting it into the edited guide. Progress so far? Creating a structure for it and writing the Intro.

Oh and if your wondering, since I don't have it on my personal space at the moment. I'm male, seventeen, and currently living in Scotland.

when you get around to it?

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You're very very busy then.

Always happens me that everything happens at one time and then you domn't have anything to do for a while. (Might have already said that, but can't remember. I'll have to check.)

I'm so glad I don't have exams or coursework to do for a while. Finished uni a few moinths ago, and got my driving test (2nd time round) a few weeks ago, so hopefully that'll be it for tests for a while.

So what kind of work do you do? I'm working with a charity at the moment. It's great. I get paid a good wage to doss really. Watch tv, listen to CDs, drink smiley - tea and chat to people. It's great.

when you get around to it?

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I do some work for my dads company, he is self employed and him and my mum are the directors of the limited company.

so my job varies from Admin tasks to helping my dad on site. It just depends.

I have just finished the implementation of my Info Sys project, so should have it avalible for the good people of hootoo to play with soon smiley - smiley

when you get around to it?

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Sounds like you're handy to have around if you do admin and practical stuff. And you make things for us lot to play with on here too.

Is there anything you don't do?

when you get around to it?

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I don't do:

illegal drugs
english critical essays

when you get around to it?

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I can't say I do those either. Never liked alcohol, never wanted to do illegal drugs and could never get my head around English essays and don't have to now anyway.

when you get around to it?

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Ok, I have updated my personal space. Since my PS was as it was for a long time before you posted that means it had that holding message for over a year now!

Well it is updated now, and I contine to tweak it and add more information.

Right now I have a uni exam tommorrow, and another exam next week, otherwise not too much else.

I am taking my time out to do very little, as I was insanely busy before christmas.

when you get around to it?

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Sounds like you're onto a good idea by taking some rest. Think it's going to take me ages to catch up on sleep. Was so bisy over Christmas and I don't think I've slowed down much since. But I'll get a chance to soon....I hope.

Like the new PS, btw.

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