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Feverish Debate: New Single

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Thanks, BB, for responding that last time.

If I'd read your ending bits, before having composed such a lengthy reply, I would have just smiled and thanked you for your time.

This was never about convincing, just conveying. I do feel we've cleared a lot of air regarding our concepts (though I'm not entirely certain that you finally revealed your full-blown analysis of 'why things seem to be as they seem to be'.

I'm not sure why water molecules should be any different than photons or electrons, but it need never be mentioned again.

[Agreed, but to reiterate - Newtonian physics still works, in approximation. When we know more than QM - and we are aware of its limitations - then it will *still* work, in approximation. We know the analogous equivalent of Mercury's orbit - big bang and black holes - but this doesn't change the conclusions we're talking about.]

My point should have been the original 'conclusion' which was that there must be a planet further in that we had not yet found. They even named it: Vulcan. Vulcan disappeared with Einstein's calculations (at least the search for it did). But, no matter. I'm still a little bedazzled that we ended up discussing QM again, when it was faith that we started out on.

[so there's nothing hostile in my suggestions.]
Those sentiments are absolutely returned, with great relief. smiley - ok

[It's like thinking you've found a cure for cancer and then saying "well, I must have made a mistake somewhere, because we're not meant to find a cure for cancer for decades yet]
For me, it is more like finding a possible cure but not being able to reproduce it at will, test for it, or prove it. But again, I understood the point.

[But that does almost imply that there is never a complete and final answer, in which case, I might argue, what's the point in searching for one?]
For me, the search is a journey; I don't expect to reach a goal (although, it would be great).

[You might want to have a quantum gun ready...] smiley - rofl
Does Sharper Image carry those?? smiley - doh

["Any opinions about rap music?"
I'm afraid not. I don't listen to rap music. You?]
My opinion is that it makes for relatively humane torture. No harm comes to the body, but the mind can be reduced to mush.

Sounds a lot like the Infinite Perspective Vortex, eh? (No, I don't listen to it.smiley - biggrin)

Take some time. When and if you're of a mood, feel free to broach another subject. Perhaps something less 'particle'r. Perhaps the forms alien life might take or whether mankind will ever imbue himself with superpowers? Given the choice, would you want to meet aliens on Earth, in space, or on their home turf? Does a superpower have a right to exert influence, a duty to assist, or both in the international arena? Can chess ever be reduced to 'perfect moves', deviation from which results in a loss? Which tastes better, brachiosaur or pterydactyl?

As always, your friend.
smiley - towel

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Feverish Debate: New Single

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