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Elf Situation Vacant

There is a current vacancy for a personal elf to work in the chamber for Mystic Martin. Applicants should be physically strong, (lots of fetching and carrying to be done), fluent in both Enochian (the angelic language) and ancient gnostic. They should also be competant in simple astronomical calculus and basic numerology. The successful applicant will receive full board and lodging, plus one whole day off per year, (his/her birthday, providing they can prove which day it is), and no pay. Due to the expected high number of applications for this most prestigious post, a short list will be invoked shortly, and interviews held on the Astral Plane. References will be checked!
Note: This post is not subject to the constraints of the Equal Opportunities legislation, as only elf's of good character need apply!

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How the years pass

I met a cousin of mine on the Friends Reunited website a few days ago. We lost contact over 20 years ago, and we were very close once. When we finally made contact we spent hours exchanging e-mails, swopped 'phone numbers, and rang each other the next day. Then we arranged to meet. Last Tuursday we met together for lunch, and although I recognised her as soon as I saw her, and she me, we were both shocked to find what 20 years had done to the both of us. I think we both imagined the other they way we had looked in 1983, when we parted. However, the old reasons why we were so close once were still there; same sense of humour, likes and dislikes and so on; and it wasn't long before we were passing over the lost years in fits of laughter. We've agreed not ever to lose touch again, and neither of us can now really remember why we lost touch in the first place, some petty squabble no doubt. When we parted again, it made me assess my really is people that matter above everything else. Friends and family,are the secret, if you keep them close, all else that life throws at you somehow never seems quite so daunting, and life's problems, not quite so invincible.

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