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And that's it, I suppose...

This was the last day of TG... the network will be taken down in twenty minutes, and the power goes in one hour twenty... This party's been fun, but extremely tiring, too... I'm rather glad to be done with it. I still think TG was marginally better last year, but there are some things that have definately improved, such as:

1)Registration queue... Last year, I had to stand in line for one hour, and I was lucky, because I came before the rest of the bunch... The others were in the bloody line for four hours. This year, the queue took about 2 minutes, because everybody'd ordered their tickets home by mail in advance, so all you had to do was attach the bracelet.

2)The intro and demoscene contributions were impeccable. They had 6 intros and 21 demos... Took some time to show them all, that's for certain. Many of them were darned good, too...

3)The Press play on tape concert was extremely good this year, compaared to last TG 03. The band have certainly evolved a lot, and were both tighter, more dynamic, and more interesting this year. They've still got a way to go with balance, though, but I blame that on the sound engineers...

Ah, well, this party's been a blast, even though most of you wouldn't believe it...smiley - smiley

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I will now pack my computer for TG... I will be online again tomorrow, and give you all an update on how things are going... Till then... bye!

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Prelude to the afternoon of a music student

I've had an absolutely incredibly lazy day today, and I've been extremely lucky too. We were to have a science test in today's seventh and eight lessons, and I wasn't really too well prepared, so I was rather worried about wether I would have any time revising before the test. Anyway, first and second lesson: Conducting... We've got a lovely teacher. He's rather short, and has a rather nasty temper, but also a great sense of humour, and a lot of self-irony. So, the first two lessons are extremely amusing, culminating in the teacher telling us the story of a rather unfortunate percussionist. I'd tell you, but it's not amusing unless it's re-enacted, or at least retold... Anyway, at the end of the lesson, I collapse on the floor in fits of laughter... Ahh, the fun. So, third and fourth lesson: Norwegian. Our teacher was absent today, so we got to watch a video with Åpen Post instead... For those of you who aren't Norwegian, Åpen Post is a late nineties-TV show in Norwegian. They've done some rather incredible things... Anyway, enuff said. I spend the break after the fourth lesson revising for the science test. Then comes the fifth lesson... Pitch training. We had a test last week, and some people hadn't been there, so they had to take the test today. A pitch test consists of the teacher sitting at the piano playing a melody, singing a rhythm, and playing intervals. Naturally, with the teacher giving a test I had allready taken, I got that lesson off too. So I sit in the aula, revising for the science test. At the end of the fifth lesson, our teacher in Arrangement and Composing comes up to me, and says that he has to go to a meeting, and would I be so kind as to inform the others that there will be no lesson in Arr./Comp. today? YES! I've now had two lessons which were fun, two of watching a lovely movie, and two lessons off revising for my test. Then comes the horror of the science test itself. Usually, a science test contains loads of short questions where you have to know very specific details, but not this time. We got a reasoning task!!! I BS for about 6 1/2 pages, and finish the test only at the very last minute before the bell goes... YAY!smiley - smiley Now, tomorrow I've got two tests, and then a practice, and on Friday I leave for the national championship... This might well be my last post till Monday...

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Ever had one of those...

This has been one horrid day. It started wrong, as I overslept and didn't get any proper breakfast. The first lesson was science, and we were working with different radioactive sources and a GM counter... Bloody boring, but allright. After this, I was ready to rip the head of the world in general, I was angry, but I had nothing to be angry at, so I just took a deep breath, and focused on the tasks ahead. The second and third lesson was choir, which was hellishly boring. We've got a musical project. I love musicals, but the teachers have picked all the boring or ugly songs they could find. I like Oliver and Les Mis, though... Then there was the horrid free work class, which I couldn't manage at all, because I was too tired, hungry and dehydrated to do anything. Now, after a break of some 25 mins, we return to have ensembles, which is boring (musical project yet again), bcause we're four drummers, and there's only enough percussion for one or two players on each song (blody theatre arrangements). Then comes two hours of musical history, where I'm just too damned tired to manage to focus, and end up being told of for disturbing the class. The teacher was, of course right, and I apologized and said I had a headache and was exhausted. Fortunately, our teacher is a very understanding person... Now, with all that done, things started turning better. I was still tired, but we were going to have our first ever drum kit lesson (I've had lessons in kit before, but never at school). It was fun, the teacher was young and enthusiastic, and he gave me shuffle for homework... more specifically Toto's Rosannah... So I went home and sat down and listened to Toto... something I've never done before (I've heard all the songs, they're classics, and really archetypical of the eighties). Now, I've got an identity problem... I'm noticing that Toto use all the clich\es, so to speak, but for some reason, I find them absolutely hilarious, and amusing... AND the drummer's good. I'm not sure if I should hate them, or love them... or both... Muahahahahhaa... I'm tired, that's for certain...

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Drugs, and what tragedies they cause...

I've just had a MAJOR shock. A person I've known for a long time as a totally sane, stable, intelligent girl, has just been arrested for something or other (she's over eighteen, so we don't know what the charges are), and we've also found out that she's most definately on drugs... Most likely chemicals of some sort... We have as of yet no idea what she's on, and she's not likely to tell us, but what drugs can make a person catatonic (hope that's the right word) for three whole days??? I feel so sorry for her family, they must be going through hell right now... so must she, actually. I hate the whole situation, I hate the fact that this is not at all a unique situation, and I'm scared by the rate of detoriation she's going through... At the moment, I can't understand why people wish to legalize this stuff... I realize that there's a point to the fact that you could control the setting, and the impression made while under the affection of the drug, but at the same time, drugs offer people a seemingly "easy" and irresponsible way out of everything... If they can't handle the stuff, then I don't think they should be allowed to use it...smiley - sadface

Thoughts to help a shocked and confused teenager, anyone?

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