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I'm ska, a peculiar little 16-year-old rascal with a thirst for knowledge. My encounter with this website began predictably, with a reading of Douglas Adams's "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy."1 I had a look around, and instantly fell in love. It took me a while to register, though.


My main pursuits are philosophy, music, and chess. These interests tend to conflict with my hobbies, which include competitive gaming (mostly arcade fighting games, like Tekken), pen manipulation, and apathy. My hobbies invariably win out over my pursuits, which is probably a bad thing.


A teacher and a child

Ah, philosophy... the love of wisdom. Anyone who doesn't like philosophy has lost touch with their pretentiousness. My favorite philosopher is Nietzsche, and the philosopher that I just don't understand is Heidegger, whose chief mission must have been "to confuse." Existensialism (which I like to call "nihilism lite" for illustration) encompasses my personal philosophy pretty neatly.2


I'm just starting to get into chess. Check back when I'm good.


A castrati singing

Music is a trancendental language. Everyone can understand it, but not in enough detail to make it useful (or even bearable) for everyday conversation. I admire aspects of many genres, including ska.3 I play the guitar with fervor, and I think I'm better at it than I am. I also haven't practiced it since the Spring of 1877.

Guide Entries

I'm aching to do a guide entry or four for the philosophy section, since I think it's severely lacking in biographical entries. Heidegger and Wittgenstein are highly influential, important, and interesting, to be sure, but philosophers that have made huge ripples on the mainstream level (like Nietzsche or Marx) remain unvisited. Alone, however, I doubt I could write anything worthy of entering the edited guide, hence I propose a collaboration. If you're reading this and are interested, let me know; maybe we could get a group together. Similarly, if you're reading this and know of such a group, let me know; maybe you can save me from looking ignorant!

Below is a list of Entries that have become my favorites. To view one, simply click on the tab, scroll through them, select the one you want, and click a button. There are intricacies involved (for example, if you click and hold down your mouse, you will need to let go to select an entry), but I will leave most of them for you to discover.4 Hopefully, you will find them as enlightening as I do. smiley - zen

Favorite Guide EntriesWitty QuotesThe History of InsomniaExistentialismHow to be a PhilosopherWhy Do Buddhists Meditate?'Pi' - the FilmAndy Kaufman - the Song and Dance ManBill Hicks - ComedianSeinfeldParadoxPen SpinningFaking ChessBeing PretentiousHow to Spot an IntellectualBenford's LawOlbers' ParadoxThis Page Intentionally Left BlankNothing


If you want to say a quick word, don't be shy, post in my conversations. It would make my day!5

23 - (1+3) + 23 = 42

You want places to go? I've got em!6

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Trying to answer all those questions about life

1A lovely book that I presume you're all familiar with.2Although to stay true to clichéd teenage angst, let's say my philosophy is too unique and pure to be pinned down by labels, and you wouldn't understand it because you're a conformoid.3Sorry, no prize will be awarded for guessing that.4Witness my occupation: "smartass."5And yours as well, because even brief brushes with greatness make for a worthy day. Witness my legendary modesty.6You may want to point out that I haven't posted at half of my community spots. Don't, it's impolite.


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