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aka Bel - A87832164

Well,I'm not entirely sober. But I'll come to the why later.

Continuing from my last journal: Advent is supposed to be a time to pause and think. Often, what you've experienced (and loved) as a child, you'll pass on to your own children.
When my sons were little, Advent went like this: I'd wake them up, then they'd open their Advent calendar (which I used to make and fill myself). Then they'd have their breakfast in the living room. We'd light a candle, and I would read them a page or a chapter from a book. They'd have tea and fruits with their breakfast, and we'd start the day in a very relaxed manner. They loved it and didn't mind to get up early on a dark winter's day. This was 'our' quiet time in otherwise busy days. smiley - smiley

I hope they'll remember it once they have children themselves and maybe do something similar.

Big jump to today: there is a tradition: the neighbours (well, some of them) meet at about 6pm on 23rd December for some mulled wine, smiley - bubbly, Christmas cookies, Bratwurst and chat - to have a great time together and a little breather before the festivities start in earnest on 24th.

There were only few years when it was cancelled due to bad weather (last year was one of those).

So today I went there to meet my neighbours - although they're not immediate neighbours, but live close by. And it isn't limited to neighbours - everybody is welcome.

I had half a glass of smiley - redwine and there glasses of smiley - bubbly, so I'm a little squiffy. I took some photos which you can see here:

It's not a German Christmas tradition, but it is a tradition where I live, I I really enjoy it. It is wonderful to have some time-out before you have to face all that Christmas entails. smiley - smiley

DJC Part IV (Bel)

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aka Bel - A87832164

I hope this link works:!

DJC Part IV (Bel)

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That sounds like a nice get-together! smiley - smiley

I once had an Advent calendar, when I was little, but it wasn't a tradition in my family- your morning routine with your boys back then sounds really lovely. It would be so nice to start a day like that now, and I do hope that is something your sons pass on.

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You can call me TC

My parents, particularly my father, back in the day, were great hosts and we had half the village in for drinks on Christmas morning. It was not unknown for some to be carried out - in the 70s drinking yourself silly was smiley - cool. We continued the tradition on moving into town, but eventually it fizzled out. I hate to think how much work it made for my mother. The turkey was in the oven at the same time, and afterwards we all sat down to the proper meal. We didn't have a dishwasher, of course.

I don't know how the visiting families managed their turkeys and brussels, perhaps they were too smiley - drunk to care.

It's difficult to get a neighbourhood together these days in Germany, the way Bel describes it - well done for that!

DJC Part IV (Bel)

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aka Bel - A87832164

We don't live in the city centre, where I imagine this would be impossible to do. smiley - smiley

DJC Part IV (Bel)

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Pierce The Pirate ~ in Hotblack Desiato mode ~

First of all: Good to hear you had a good time smiley - smiley

But: How and from where does this suddenly appear? I have been checking "my" NooHooToo for weeks without seeing this before smiley - huh

smiley - pirate

DJC Part IV (Bel)

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aka Bel - A87832164

It was the last part of the December Journal Crawl initiated by Create. smiley - smiley

It was shortly before Christmas when I wrote it, so it just didn't get lots of replies to keep it at the conversation top, so no wonder you missed it. smiley - ok

DJC Part IV (Bel)

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Pierce The Pirate ~ in Hotblack Desiato mode ~

Ah, okay, that would explain it

smiley - ta for clearing that up, luv smiley - ok

smiley - pirate

DJC Part IV (Bel)

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Lovely pictures, Bel.

The one in the middle of 35 looks a very sympathetic and understanding type. Can you get him into h2g2?

smiley - smiley

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DJC Part IV (Bel)

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