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My cyber love

Post 1

logicus tracticus philosophicus

My cyber lover hovers over head ,
I wish instead she was in my bed,

My cyber lover answers the phone
Oh how wish I was not alone,

My cyber lover loves to tease
Ti’s plainly stated in the poetry that she leaves

My cyber lover has gone off line ,
I hope she not ill ,but feeling fine

My cyber lover ativars captured my heart
All at once I’m smitten ,love bites start

My cyber lover has discovered the strings
Inspirational she plays them all in me

My cyber love describes her love
My love for her,a piety I see a dove

My cyber love this silent love
Unrequited quoted emotive love

My cyber love nought but
completes me competes in me
Holey fills up my mind I find

My cyber love I sigh good bye

My cyber love

Post 2


If I were she, I'd call you now
and fight tonight for love somehow

If I were she, I'd make that start
to softly mend your broken heart

If I were she, I'd hold you close
and squeeze your sexy keratose

If I were she, I'd make you mine
to love until the end of time

If I were she, I'd run a mile
to make you laugh and see your smile

If I were she, I'd lie with you
and show you that my love is true

If I were she, my weeping willow
my bosom's nest would be your pillow

If I were she, and not myself
we'd both leap from this lonely shelf

But I'm not she, no matter what
so think what if and hold that thought

My cyber love

Post 3


Nor is it I
You cyber sigh
On keyboard high
Screening thigh.

For I slack
On slow iMac
No instant tact
Or fonting fact

But your love-on-line
Is most sublime
Another PC baby,
Another time...

smiley - kiss x

My cyber love

Post 4

Blue-Eyed BiPedal BookWorm from Betelgeuse (aka B4[insertpunhere])

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Ode for Logicus Tracticus Philosophicus

Your cyber lover isn’t me
For if you kissed me I would flee
Our gender is the same, you see
And I was taught to leave that be

As cyber lovers we’re not right
Not out of malice, hate, or spite
Too like-minded, we would fight
And wouldn’t that just be a sight!

No cyber lovers me and you
There’s one thing we can do
Write about your friendship new
Of one plus one is two

Your cyber lover that you mention
Seems has drawn all your attention
Though she began with no pretension
Seems to have the best intention

That cyber lover seems to tease
Befuddling you with great ease
Dropping you to your knees
Though I think she just aims to please

A cyber lover cloaked in mystery
Leaving hints of shrouded history
Leads a man to seek the gist, or he
May find a fiery love blistery

Two cyber lovers intertwined
By words and emoticons soon find
They share what seems a common mind
And see that truly love ain’t blind
smiley - cool

My cyber love

Post 5

logicus tracticus philosophicus

My cyber love smiley - brokenheart

My cyber love

Post 6

Blue-Eyed BiPedal BookWorm from Betelgeuse (aka B4[insertpunhere])

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Just out of curiosity, are you still hanging around HooToo, logicus...?
smiley - winkeye
Drop me a line. I'm back. And I'm trying to reconnect the threads severed almost a decade ago..
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