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A triolet

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logicus tracticus philosophicus

Passions pulsations reddening, my now again blushing face,
since watching a sun set. Settled with you in my arms
last night while we watched, moon serenely drift into place.
Passions pulsations reddening, my now again blushing face,
as I gazed into those gentle eyes. So full of quixotic grace.
Eager too spend eternity lost deep within their charms.
Passions pulsations. Reddening my now again blushing face.
Since watching a sun set, settled with you in my arms.

A triolet

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Blue-Eyed BiPedal BookWorm from Betelgeuse (aka B4[insertpunhere])

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ltp, have I occasionally mentioned how amazingly poignant your poetry can be? This one went straight to my heart and touched some slumbering chords, to resonate in subtle waves of memory that came flooding back. When A---- and I were first married, we lived on the Gulf Coast of Florida, in the panhandle area. There were times we spent, either in our back yard or on the beach, nestled together as you've described. Thanks for calling those moments again to my mind...
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A triolet

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logicus tracticus philosophicus

Nice to see you was just about to visit page with wishes of conviviality for the coming year, lucky you found that version as also on other site (edit red) at bottom of sonnet and hakui cut n pasted here. perhaps other might twang.....

~~~~~~~~~a trio of triolet set with sonnetted intro~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Is this hookah pipe I see glowing
Before me the mouthpiece near my lips?
Come let's suckle on thee heavily
I have not inhaled nor deeply breathed
Yet I do see three running piggies.
Art they not flying squad sent hunting:
To purloin my stash of home grown grass
Hidden from sight but not far from hearth
Thine whine of the copper so mournful
False impression too be-heste lawful:
Fresh face from beat. me thinks beaten when
Dress is as sixties hippie object rejects;
Thus which now'st I see is laughable:
All men understand that freedom is sometimes hard to find.
But with a good woman. One still will always have a home.
Yet some men, still stumble as they will often be so blind
They sometime will, to pastures new, attempt to roam
All men understand, that freedom is sometimes hard to find.
Yet its not because they chase. The phoenix that has flown.
All men understand that. Freedom is sometimes hard to find.
But with a good woman one still will always have a home.

Shall I compare thee to a drunkard sway?
Thou art more ugly and more obstinate
Rough winds do emanate towards my way.
And summer's breeze has all too hot a state:
Sometime too bright. Thye nose can't shut too tight.
Oft this pallid complexion; loudly boomed
And every smell from air at-times ignites.
By chance, or nature's changing course entombed;
But thy eternal fragrence will'nt not fade,
Nor lose possession of bags thou ow'e-nest:
Nor shall death rags give `thee sweet nose gay
When in rancid pongs to slime thy growest;
So long as men can breathe, or eyes can see,
So long lives this, and this gives strife to me.

hakuis interlude
A deserted desert
Where nomads go wandering
Searching for water

Hot orange sun climbs
High into cloudless blue sky
Black vultures flying

Scraggy unclean necks
From evisceration stains
Just left bones behind

The wind blows gently
Over the hills of sand dunes
Natural grave digger

The wind flows gently.
Over the dunes. See sand heals
genteel grave digger
A Kind of release

And I saw freedom
Incarcerated in jail
On one glorious day

Out into the open
From behind high walls enclosed
My mind wandered free

I could think with out
Censors interfering
Inside with my mind

The grey matter freed
Restrictions Unfettered by
Solitary confinement
My heart always will belong to you. Till the end of time,
eager I give unto you. As is true, to love is sublime.
To live my life without yours, would be an awful crime.
My heart always, will belong to you till the end of time.
For my life, has now a meaning. like a couplet rhyme.
Togetherness for ever, like rosemary and thyme.
My heart always will belong to you, till the end of time.
Eager I give, unto you as is true to love is sublime.

I will give you that quiet, not quite quietus
quaint enough to quell a queasy stomach
neither a sonnet be nor work of art:suss
anapaests yes ! maybe better match !
Anarchist never, analysis. Mess they make
I will persist, I cant desist, my wrist
Will not be arrested. Retch if you must,
in disgust. May be just for a thrill,
throw in a sad dactyl, to make you hiss.
Up against a spondee. Yes ! that is cool,
iamb but a lamb led to the slaughter.
I ough’ta be perhaps, brought to justice:
one day I'll write perfect in black and white;
harmoniously all musical-analitic thought.
But then again my friend. All good is brought
To end with confusion. Or just the phrase
"Sod it dit dit dat dat dat"


Passions pulsations reddening, my now again blushing face.
Since watching a Sun set. Settled with you in my arms.
last night we watched, Moon serenely drift into place.
Passions pulsations, reddening my now again: blushing face
As I gazed into those gentle eyes.So full of quixotic grace
Eager too spend eternity, lost deep within their charms.
Passions, pulsations reddening my now again, blushing face
Since watching a sun set settled with you in my arms

A triolet

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logicus tracticus philosophicus


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