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Your entry on Zanesville

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Nitina the Pig (see my new personal space!)

Hi there

I have been assigned to sub-edit your entry on Zanesville. It was interesting to read it. I have made the changes and just wanted to let you know what I have changed.

First of all, there weren't that many mistakes but I would be a bit more careful with the distinguising between the possesive form 'their' and 'there' which is the prepositional form. In a lot of places you had 'their is a..'when you actually meant 'there is..' so I changed that for you

Secondly, the word 'cab' is an american word and in British-English, it's called 'taxi' so I had to change it as all the entries have to use the British-English spelling.

Thrirdly, when you refer to decades, you say ie '1960s' instead of 1960's. You don't use any apostrophes but a lot of people make this mistake so you are not the only onesmiley - smiley

Anyway hope I have helped. Let me know if you are happy with this

Your entry on Zanesville

Post 2

Agent X


Just a few things I caught.
“Who knows what inspires the people of South East Ohio make so many letter shaped bridges. Maybe boredom.” -“to” needs to be added after “Ohio”.

“As many other american cities, Zanesville” -American.

I would like to change the introductory sentence for Adornetto’s to
“Adornetto’s Pizzeria has been a part of Zanesville since 1958 and if you are only going to be able to visit once you should try the salads and pizza, although it does offer a few other italian dishes to chose from.”

This may have been confusing
“Besides being dumbfounded that there is only one new film release in the cinema in Zanesville”
There are two cinemas in Zanesville. One plays older films and the other plays new releases. The new releases cinema has more than one theater. I was stating that in Zanesville you only have one choice as to where to see a new movie.

smiley - bluefish

Your entry on Zanesville

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Nitina the Pig (see my new personal space!)

I just changed them for you. Check it out and tell me if you are happy or if you want more changes. Also let me know if the sentence on the new film releases in Zanesville is ok and if that is definetely what you want it to say

Your entry on Zanesville

Post 4

Agent X

Yea, that looks great smiley - ok

Thank you.
smiley - bluefish

Your entry on Zanesville

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Nitina the Pig (see my new personal space!)

Well it's ready to go then! I'll just send it off to the Editors smiley - biggrin

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