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Found you. :-)

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I just knew I could do it. smiley - laugh

How`s Henry? smiley - biggrin

Janesmiley - rainbow
smiley - magic

Found you. :-)

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logicus tracticus philosophicus

i did it as well eventuallysmiley - coolhenrys all right will add photoe to link smiley - catmust get on now,trying to set up net meeting on comp in anticipation of need to use ,save cost on phone call to freeholders/solic also will remind d.h.s.s of gov guidelines insist they communicate with me like this, smiley - devil O.K they wont by it but i amsmiley - bleepsmiley - bleepsmiley - bleep,haveing been to seven appeals ,ok i turned up for four of them ,with regard to payments suposed to have been made,i could smiley - grrsmiley - crosssmiley - steamsmiley - sorry i digress catch you later dont talk about trouble with emailssmiley - weirdsmiley - cheerssmiley - hugsmiley - kisssmiley - run

Found you. :-)

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Hi Bob.... you found me then?! smiley - laugh

Don`t apologise for the smiley - bleeps, I know the feeling. smiley - smiley

(You`re on my `friends` list too.) smiley - biggrin

Keep up the fight! "All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing." I forget who said that for the moment, but the words are what counts. You DO something Bob.

AND, don`t let that sea-breeze and waves go to waste... enjoy them.

Give my smiley - love to Henry.

smiley - cuddlesmiley - hugsmiley - kiss

smiley - magic

Found you. :-)

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logicus tracticus philosophicus

sea breezes never go to waste they are either memories or anticipation, as with de ja vou ,you know those days when ,the wheel comes full circle,smiley - biggrinand like when on the clocks hands,several wheels in sychonisation,the day was today,have fun

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