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Well hello

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Aries (ACE + Badger)

?{Tllszbobakahahhahshomeakaharrysheardakahenryshomeakapistolakacatmanakawurzwelgummageakabobble and welcome to h2g2!

Phew long name.

Well, I'm an ACE (Assistant Community Editor ) and I welcome new users to h2g2 and offer a helping hand if things are a bit confusing. If you need any help you can call upon me by clicking the reply button below. A good place to start is the <./>DontPanic</.> tour.

Here is some smiley - cake and smiley - oj for you, I do have stronger stuff if you want it.

Have fun! smiley - smiley

Well hello

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logicus tracticus philosophicus

my how time flys...

Well hello

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logicus tracticus philosophicus

still flying..
Moments may come and they go, like flashes of:
Oblivion beyond gravities grave when for giving.
A badeing for bidden much will be hidden:

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