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To start at the start I was born in 1980. When I went to school I had a terrible time as I had unrecognised dailysex (I mean dyslexia) which combined with a bad teacher gave me school phobia, panic attacks and migraines amongst other things. After this reached a head my mother found out about Home Education and took me and my brother out of school and taught us at home. This was the best thing that ever happened to me. It took some time but as I recovered from my time at school my confidence grew and I began to love learning again.

In my early teens my parents had a business moving sand and gravel along rivers and canals by barge. We had 2 barges, Dunlin and Seagull, which were about 150 foot long and were crewed by two people each (they operated independently). During this time me and my brother sometimes worked as with our father to crew the barges. This was a great experience that I cherish. It was often cold and hard work, but very rewarding and also a great education for how to work and the personal satisfaction that can be gained from doing so.

At the age of 15/16 I went on a collage cause in science. I really enjoyed this, the atmosphere was totally different from school. During the cause I took up mountain biking around forests and also started to explore computers as I bought a PC to help with my studying. As the course progressed I become more and more pale and the work felt like it was taking more energy to complete. By the end I had some work backed up and didn't manage to finish, though I did complete the Maths element as that finished earlier then the rest. Some time after this I was diagnosed with M.E./CFS (chronic fatigue).

Since then I have to work hard in a different way, that of learning my limits and pacing myself. At the start of this period I fought against my illness, pushing myself past my limits. I have always loved physical exertion, for instance the part I enjoyed the most about mountain biking was the uphill elements. As I pushed myself I became more and more tired until eventually I gained the mental strength to just stop and listen to my body.

Since then I have gained a new philosophy about life in general. What I have found is that you don't really need much to be happy. In general people take things for granted, for instance I never gave being able to talk to someone or read a book a second thought. But when you think about it both these things are quite incredible. To do either first you need to have been born. For this to have happened first you need your mother and father to have met and fallen in love, which when you think about how many people there are and the size of the world in which they could have travelled is quite an astonishing thing to have happened. Add to this the genetic mix that needed to have happened for you, not someone a bit different, to have been born and we really should be deliriously happy just to be able to think "I am me and I am alive". After this think about the age in which we live and the joys that it contains, like access to books for one small thing. So in closing this steadily growing paragraph I shall say that I have found a very solid happiness, I still want to get better (which with the pace of technology I have a hard time thinking that there won't be a cure found at some point) but that want is not going to stop me from having happiness now.

Onto computing. Since getting my PC I have been dabbling with it, gradually becoming more and more computer literate. I have tried studying (at home from books as I am pretty much housebound at this time) the C++ programming language, I got to the stage of being able to create a programme for finding prime numbers when I crashed from the energy the studying was taking. I have have kept trying occasionally but I have not had the energy to learn a deep programming language. I have however been able to learn HTML. This came into use a short time about (the start of 2006), I was on a high of energy at the same time as my brother and sister in law were wanting a web site for their photography business. I was able to create a web site for them which you can see here: http://www.esphotography.co.uk" >http://www.esphotography.co.uk I was able to do this as they both fully understand my illness and didn't put any pressure on me (stress, commitments, etc, take a surprisingly large amount of energy). As it happened my sister in law's father was looking for a website for his photography business at the same time too. He contacted me after he saw what I had done with my brother and sister in law's website and I agreed to do one for him for a fee (he was getting one made by a professional but it was looking bad and past due).

So it appears that accidentally I have become a professional web page developer (term used very light heartedly). I bought the book "Head First, HTML with CSS & XHTML" which I have been able to study so far without exhausting myself. I plan to start testing the skills I learn on this website once I have finished the job I have now. I have also had an idea for a business that with the help of my family might be able to earn me some money using my new skills. I have, though, to be extremely careful at this point. If I go to far I could end up seriously crushing my energy and setting my recovery (or just general standard of living) back a long way. With that in my mind I tread carefully into this risky, but jolly interesting, time of my life.

(edit: I have just updated my own site using some of the skills I have learnt http://homepage.ntlworld.com/andrew.baldock/epic/sheets.html" >http://homepage.ntlworld.com/andrew.baldock/epic/sheets.html )

This has been John Baldock writing at the 13th of the 4th 2006 at 4:23am (because he can't sleep again).

http://www.baldock-web-development.com" >http://www.baldock-web-development.com my new site, I'm going to start slowly but I might be able to ern some cash, yay! ;)


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