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Bookshelves, lack of space and runner beans

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Moving On

Well; Eldest has arrived in Oz, and last heard of this morning, was setting out to go fishing to catch his lunch in pleasantly hot but not sweaty weather.

(He has a way with words, does that lad)

Naturally, today being Bank Holiday Sunday it absolutely piddled down all day with an absolute vengence, thus curtailing my ambition of mooching up to the local D I Y store and buying yet more paint to slop around the flat.

Instead I did yet more sorting and culling of Stuff I have acquired, and sneaking out to the vegetable patch every so often to inspect the newly planted runner beans, grinning quietly that they have no excuse not to grow and thrive. I provided the Grow More...and nature has provided enough liquid to get the wee beasties clambering up the wigwag support system.

Scab the Stray deigned to stay overnight last night, waking me just the once (at 3.00amsmiley - grr) to demand more Fishy Whiskas. Needless to say
(a) he didn't get it and
(b) He can deign as much as he likes, but no cat's going to wake me up to feed them!

Well... not on a regular basis, and certainly not unless they're poorly.

I may be a soft touch cat wise, but I amn't quite *that soft!

Bookshelves, lack of space and runner beans

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I am sure you are relieved he has landed safely and is making himself at home already!

It has been horrible here too, torrential rain overnight and today has been windy, cold and dull. The rain broke out this evening just as I went to put badger food out!!

I am pleased you managed to do something useful with the day, the weather rather screwed up my plans too, but I got a few other things done which will save time later. I am sure your runner beans will be brilliant. I love the flowers, though having had gluts of the veggies in the past which we froze, I got a but sick of them!!!

Still if you have too many, perhaps you can bargain with the neighbours for 'swops'?!

'Fraid I would give the smiley - cat marching orders - I get up for nothing in the night (?) except to watch badgers!!!!!!!

Have a nice Bank Holiday Monday.

Websailor smiley - dragon

Bookshelves, lack of space and runner beans

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Moving On

I regret to say I helped Scab out early on this morning and he hasn't made his usual 7.30pm "Sit and look pathetic on the backdoor step" routine.

So far, anyway.

If I thought I had badgers - tho I do suspect a feral fox - I wouldn't mind getting up,either

Not so sure about swapsies with the neighbours, Webbie - I've said I'll share with the other 3 in my block, but any left over will be going over to younger son's chef, to do magnificent things with, together with the herbs which seem to have gone ballistic!

I can only get through so much mint and chives and things, so I may as well pass them on. I don't expect to be paid, though I'll probably be given a meal if I were cheeky enough to expect it.

In theory, it'll be a good Bank Holiday; I'm going to the Charity Shop for a morning shift, and I'll get the bus home via Canterbury to suss out any potential useful Sales

(Well... you never know, do you?)

and then call off at the DIY Centre for that paint.

Rest of the week is going to be a bit restricted really; if it's not medical appointments and boring stuff, it's having to wait in for tradesmen or utility services.

You're right; twas good to hear Eldest is settling in alright. You asked if he was going to do a Blog of sorts; apparently, he's not - but he's an avid use of Facebook, so I'll be able to keep a weather eye, and suss out what he's about.

I don't think it's really going to hit me that he's so far away for another couple of weeks you know. Even though I've already rung him on his new, Aussie phone number and got a message reply that made me roar with laughter, he still seems...just up the road somehow.

Bookshelves, lack of space and runner beans

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2legs - Hey, babe, take a walk on the wild side...

Or could you tempt him into opening an H2G2 account? smiley - laughsmiley - zen
smiley - drool wish I had some space here to grow veggies smiley - drool and herbs ... no... herbs for cooking silly smiley - winkeye
The putty cat sounds sweet.... Mind still not as funny as when the dog gets boared in the middle of the night so goes and wakes someone up expecting them to come and keep it company smiley - snorksmiley - doh I'm still trying to work out if the dog is more neurotic than my Father, or visa versa.... Its hard to tell the difference really especially when they're both together and talking to each other smiley - huhsmiley - weird
Good luck with the sales and bluying stuff you need rather than adding to the stuff that needs to be sorted out smiley - winkeye

Bookshelves, lack of space and runner beans

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2legs, <> I'll second that, it sounds rather like me smiley - rofl I was thinking it was quite a pleasant way to spend a BHM.

It is sunny here but very windy and cold.

Perhaps with all the technology Ev, you will continue to feel he is still around. I hope so. Keep us posted if he does anything interesting smiley - evilgrin

It sounds as if your plants are flourishing. Well done.

Websailor smiley - dragon

Bookshelves, lack of space and runner beans

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Moving On

>>Keep us posted if he does anything interesting<<

So far - or rather, as far as *I* have been told, anyway, it's all been a bit prosaic - first thing he saw was a squashed kangeroo - roadkill, he rather gorilly said it was, and goin' fishing with Bear (the lad he's staying with) to catch lunch.

He rang this morning, just as I was having the first smiley - tea of the day...the line was so clear, you'd have sworn he was just up the road.

Oh thing that made me chuckle is his landlady's name (that's Bear's mum, btw)

Her name is Shiela...and I don't dare ask what the dad's name is incase its Bruce or the dog's name is Skippysmiley - snork

I really must try not to be so juvenille... I'm sure there are thousands out there not called Shiela or Bruce, and probably have non typical and perfectly sensible names.

Like Kylie

smiley - run

Bookshelves, lack of space and runner beans

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2legs - Hey, babe, take a walk on the wild side...

Don't be Silly?!: All* of the men are called Bruce, Everyone knows that smiley - biggrinsmiley - winkeyesmiley - snorksmiley - doh

Bookshelves, lack of space and runner beans

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Moving On

Ah! Bonza! Its my juvenille partner in smiley - snork 2 Legs!

G'daysmiley - biggrin

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