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Moving On

I've been kicking my heels a bit with theis move; first I was told I had to move in on the 8th February... next I'm told I had to wait on the Council's contractors to fix the place up a bit.

The flat's about 51 square metres in total area... I mean... how much "fixing up" does it need?

Apparently, lots.

It certainly needed a new bathroom suite and front door (and locks), and an awful lot of TLC on the internal decoration.

When I first went to see it, there was household rubbish and detritius strewn around the back door - this, I was assured, would "All be cleared up love" by the contractors. Likewise "The 'ole place'll be nicely painted for yer" and "The cleaner's'll get them stains off" and so on.

I went down there agian this morning to see how progress was going - the lad who was working on the front door said they'd probably have the keys back to the council "By the end of the week"

And I had anothr look around, and saw the same (now weather ravenged) household rubbish and detritus outside, the same window catches smashed off the kitchen double glazing still gathering dust...and the smallest room (which I've mentally earmarked as my bedroom) is the only room that's had a lick of paint on it.

And I *mean "a lick", too. Honestly, I'm no handywoman, but I could have done a better job with a rag on the end of a stick with my glasses off, singing the Star Spangled Banner. I'd be ashamed if that would be the best I could do.

And I said... "But the end of the week is tomorrow; are you sure you'll have time to do all these jobs that are left?"

"Oh yeah... they'll only take about a half day's work"

H'mmm. At the speed this lad was working, I thought privately, it's an old fashioned sort of half day's work.

3.oopm this afternoon the phone rings. It's the Housing Officer;he has the keys... the flat is ready to roll - Tenancy starts Monday 1st Marchsmiley - dohsmiley - yikessmiley - headhurts

Could I meet him at 11.00pm tomorrow to get contracts signed, utilities and packed lunches and other details sorted, please and thank you. At the new place.

Wendy and I drove down - the rubbish is still outside, skanking the garden up, and the place is absolutely filthy! smiley - yuk Obviously the contractor's idea of "cleaning a property" and mine are not compatable.

I don't think they're even on the same planet, frankly.

It can loosely be described as rancid.

ANYWAY... moans and grumping aside, it's all systems go - hopefully I can persuade the Housing Officer to raise cain with the contractors and get them to actually *do the jobs they were supposed to do -

especially the rubbish and making sure the kitchen window latch actually works once I'm in

-because I need to get that nice young man with the carpets to measure up officially, and Eldest's carpenter friend to have a look around and find me extra dead space we can use for extra storage and a hundred and one other thingssmiley - headhurts before I can really get my belongings in.

Utilities - moving the landline and Internet Supply - finding out the wheres and whose and hows of the heating system... all sorts of stuff.

And I must buy some pegs for the washing line.

But first and foremost... it's a smashing kitchen - and it needs a damned good scrub: in all the cupboards, the work surfaces... *everywhere. Once that's done, and I have a sensible place for essentials, like the kettle and the tea caddy it'll feel a lot more like home.


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Oh that sounds really awful Ev. You better put a rocket under the Housing Officer - ask him if he would be prepared to move in with it in that statesmiley - huh All that cleaning work is the last thing you need right now!

I will keep my fingers crossed that you can get things moving, but Friday is not a good day to be trying is it? At least if it is anything like workers are heresmiley - doh

smiley - goodluck

Websailor smiley - dragon


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Moving On

Heh Heh... the "Stern Mother" stare/diatribe yesterday obviously paid dividends... that, or I've got a decent Housing Officer who also put the fear of something into the contractors.

P'raps a bit of both.

Anyway, the deed is done, contracts and stuff signed and I got given the keyssmiley - somersaultsmiley - evilgrin

And I met some of the neighbours. Both quite elderly and natures very gentle, nervious people - they live above me. I haven't met "next door" yet, all I know is he has dogs and goes out walking them a lot.

When I got to the flat this morning, I found the rubbish had already been cleared, the window catch brand new, pristine and shiney, and a surprising amount of cleaning had been done to a pretty reasonable standard.

Not quite as I'll have it eventually, but certainly a lot better than it was yesterday.

Good enough to be able to get cracking properly with the decorating. First job is to pull all the scabby woodship off the walls, sugar soap em and then get a *decent* coat of paint on.

No; actually the first job will be to put money on the electric key and plug in the kettle, unpack the tea, coffee, sugar, a few mugs and teaspoons.

*Then I'll get cracking on the walls.

I am also the proud smiley - huh recipient of 4 pots of paint - white and magnolia, gloss and undercoat respectively, one roller tray set, one rather eccentric roller, and 4 free, gratis and for nothing paintbrushes. This suits me fine, actually - it's a small place, so it'll need nice neutral light colours; the decorations will be more in the line of all the pictures I've got, and the Homely stuff.

I seem to have spent most of my adult life making interestingly cluttered homes, after all.

Spent the rest of the day filling in *more forms, and letting most of the utilities/PTB know the change of address now I have an actual start date for my Tenancy.

The rest of my day/evening will be spent in making lists of what else needs to be done - carpet fitter's coming Monday to measure up, other bods tba, and attempting to stack up the stuff like the camp bed, basic dry food goods, kitchen stuff, radio, garden tools and accumulated earthernware planters I've had stashed for years in our poor overloaded loft ready for when Sue and Wendy can drive them down to the flat for me over the weekend and Monday.

I'm as high a a kite atm - the andrelaline's really pumping overtime. Half of me wonders what the hell I've actually taken on, and the other half is all excited.

A further half is quietly groaning at the inordinate costs and logistics of actually movingsmiley - headhurts and the fourth half is wondering if I ought to get an extra 'script ordered for pain killers.

I honestly don't remember it being this emotionally charged in previous moves... but then, I'm well out of practicesmiley - shrug Perhaps it *was like this and, like child birth I've just forgotten the more...smiley - erm... interesting bits.

I'd imagine by the end of this coming week I'm going to feel like a bit of chewed rag, but I'll deal with that when I have to.

A good long, hot soak in a bath full of bubbles and a nice chilled glass of wine usually solves most problems, after allsmiley - smiley


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It sounds very exciting, I almost envy you and then again I don'tsmiley - doh It sounds as if you are like me when the adrenalin kicks in, but you can overdo it so be careful. Some extra painkillers might be an idea for afterwards, so long as you don't hit the smiley - redwine to hard smiley - run

That's an amazing amount of work to have got done in the time. I wonder if the fella did overtime>huh> having seen your face smiley - rofl

When do you think you will actually begin living there? It's a good time of year to be doing it with longer lighter days and hopefully some sunshine, but not too much.

smiley - goodluck

Websailor smiley - dragon


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Moving On

smiley - laugh I rather think he might have done - and he wouldn't *dare claim overtime - the Housing Officer knows perfectly well they knocked off work yesterday at 2.45smiley - whistle

You know that thing about "The face that launched a thousand ships?" I've obviously got one that galvanises lazy workmen into Doing Things Rightsmiley - blush I did scowl a bit, I must admitsmiley - whistle*and* use my "I wasn't born yesterday" voice.

Hopefully... if we can get the decorating done and the carpets down by the end of this coming week, I'll hire a van and round up The Friends next weekend.

Definately by mid March though come what may.

I want to get that garden dug (Ok, supervise Eldest digging!) and up and running.

It's Seed timesmiley - diva


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Moving On

It frustrates me beyond measure at the paltry amount of "work" I can actually do -managed to rip off most of the hall wallpaper yesterday (dirty beige) - it must be all of 6 square metres in total and I was knackered.smiley - cross

It wasn't as if it was even stuck on properly, eithersmiley - steam

Came back to the flat, with the intention of having lunch and a bit of a rest and then finish the job. I had my lunch alright...and woke up with my head on the kitchen table

- I'd put the plate in the dishwasher, so at least I wasn't covered in pasta saucesmiley - rolleyes -

far too late to go back. I still have to run *this home, and there were things to do here, as well. So I did them, instead. smiley - sigh

It's times like these I get really cross with this ridiculous ailment I have; I look healthy, I'm built like a brick out house, I have the knowledge of what should and needs to be done. I have all the intentions of doing it. I even paced myself. Honestly. AND I wore my loathed back brace thingy.

And my bloody body lets me down!smiley - grrsmiley - crosssmiley - wah Yet again.

I could've crushed a grape, I could have really.

Oh well. It'll just have to be small steps and being tolerent of what I *can achieve, I guess.

So it's off back to the New Place this morning and see how much I can get thru today and remembering to give myself a "Tick: Good Effort" talking to, I guess.


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Oh, Ev, I know exactly what you mean. It is arthritis and old age with me. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. I used to be able to carry on long past 'giving up time' out of sheer bloody mindedness, but now I am much like you. It is so frustrating. PHM is the same, physically fit as a fiddle except for those essential bellows, his lungs! smiley - grrsmiley - grr

I think we all have to make up our minds to concentrate on what we have achieved each day, and not beat ourselves up with all the things we haven't donesmiley - doh You will probably achieve just as much in small doses as you would have when you were able to do more.

Websailor smiley - dragon


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Moving On

Yep - I was like that, too Webbie - I carried on long after most folk stopped as well.... it wasn't so much high energy levels as, like you say, sheer bloodimindednesssmiley - evilgrin

But it *is frustrating, and it's probably just as well we're not on an incrediably tight schedule or I'd be stuffed completelysmiley - shrug

On the plus side, I got stuck into some painting - both cupboards in the wall boast a good cleaning, some making good and a decent coat of paint - I know that sounds like a superflous job, but they were so shabby, and I know if I don't do it *before I move in, it's one of those jobs I'll not get around to.

I've done a bit of sanding around the hall wood work - my hands were playing silly buggers

- it's really cold and wet today -

and I couldn't get the packet of scrapers I'd bought opensmiley - steam So finishing off the wallpaper stripping have to wait till the boys get there.

Oh Yessmiley - smiley
I've met the resident straysmiley - catsmiley - biggrin

Fortunately I'm getting in stock for my Rescue Cat, so I could give him a carton of Fishy Whiskers, or whatever the local own brand calls itself and a couple of saucers of milk before setting off back home

I think he loves mesmiley - loveblush


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smiley - rofl Sucker!! smiley - rofl Whatever will your new smiley - cat think of the interlopersmiley - huh he is pulling your strings just like 'my' badgers do smiley - biggrin

Glad you made some progress. I entirely agree about getting things done before you move in, it is hopeless trying once all your stuff is in place.

Off to pamper myself for a couple of hours while the smiley - football is on smiley - grrsmiley - laugh

Websailor smiley - dragon


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Moving On

smiley - ok Sensible woman - a good pamper is always an excellent thing to dosmiley - biggrin Enjoy!

I was actually wondering how young Raymond (for that's the resident stray's name) will cope with Bessie when she arrives.smiley - tongueout

As for the sucker... by gor' you have me sussed missussmiley - blush

I must have some form of tattoo on my forehead which reads "Soft Touch" to any cat I come into contact with.

I mean... doesn't *everyone have a spare carton or two of Fishy Whiskers in their kitchen cupboard?smiley - whistle


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I don't, but it looks like I might need a baby bottle or two smiley - biggrin I've just been made a Granny for the first time smiley - snork

I think you either like smiley - cats or you don't, and I think possibly the same goes for babies too smiley - rofl

Websailor smiley - dragon


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Moving On

A Granny???smiley - huhsmiley - yikes<smiley - huh

Oooh!smiley - diva

Before I make a graffe, tell me: does this Grannyhood involve litt'luns with 4 paws and a stiped face, or are we talking the small humanoids that always look like a very old Winston Churchill whatever their parents say?
smiley - blushsmiley - whistle

Babies are alright, I suppose, but I could never eat a whole one.

smiley - run


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The humanoid variety smiley - diva which decided to come out of the blue, i.e. unplanned in slightly traumatic circumstances, but nevertheless welcome all the same smiley - biggrin Haven't been privy to a viewing yet but my son says she is gorgeous and cute, but he would wouldn't hesmiley - huh Obviously doesn't take after me smiley - rofl,

I can take 'em or leave 'em, mine own excepted of course, who were angelic little darlings smiley - snorksmiley - tongueincheek so it will be interesting to see how I react to a new generation. Just sorry it didn't happen when I was younger. It wasn't on my wish list but life's full of surprises smiley - yikes

Websailor smiley - dragon


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Moving On


Not only a granny. but a granny to a girl child! The Best sort!smiley - disco

- you can teach her all *sorts of stuffsmiley - somersault It was my great gran who shared her love of plants and fairy tales and whimsey with me, and helped shape my own interests.

She'll have the coolest gran in town, too; she gets badgers in her back garden. And knows everything about wild lifesmiley - ok Mark my words, you'll be boasted about in the plyground and raise her kudoes a thousand fold!

Congratulations Webbiesmiley - hugsmiley - somersault I'm all excited about your newsfor yousmiley - diva I bet after one look at her you'll go all gooey, just like my friends over in Ashford did when they were presented with their grand daughter - and just think - when it gets to the teething/nappies/unending babygro can give her backsmiley - evilgrin

When do you get to see her? And any idea of what her name will be yet?

And what will you be called? Granny? Nan? Nanna?

My uncle, who's the vicar and who often wears his surplus in the familly home is called "Grandalf" by his grandson, so you may get to be called by a pet name like that.

Actually, Grandalf really suits him, too.


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I'll email you with a bit more info. I am not in to sharing too much detail online, especially when it involves other people smiley - smiley

Must smiley - run - things to do!

Websailor smiley - dragon


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lil ~ Auntie Giggles with added login ~ returned

Congratulations Webby!! smiley - crackersmiley - bubblysmiley - magic

Give her a smiley - cuddle from me smiley - smiley


I hope you intend to rest somewhere in that agenda of yours smiley - puff

*shakes out her Matt* smiley - lurk


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Thanks Lil smiley - hug Will do, when I get a chance smiley - smiley

Ev, sorry for taking us smiley - offtopicsmiley - blush

Websailor smiley - dragon


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Moving On

Not a problem - its hardly topic drift when you've got such lovely news as a grand daughtersmiley - ok I'll wait to hear all about her on the e mail...sorry, I got so enthused I asked all sorts of questions I shouldn't have done on a public sitesmiley - blush

>Waves to Lil< Rest? Matter of having to, alas. At least, today.

Eldest and Youngest sons came with me yesterday, and whilst they got cracking on the living room, I finished off prepping the hall, and doing the little "making good" jobs, and making lots of mugs of tea.

I was there from 8.30am to let in that nice Mr Carpet

(I'm sure your Matt would like himsmiley - tongueincheek)

to measure up till gone 8pm after the Carpenter-y lads arrived to measure up for a serious amount of storage in the living room.

And of course, when we set off home, we'd just missed the bus back, so we walked most of the way home. Fortunately, Youngest had gone home early so there was an excellent supper all ready for us when we did get in.

So this morning I was....smiley - erm.... mobile-y challenged. *Despite a good hot bath and a medicinal whiskey.

Stiff as a board and then some. Bending is nigh on impossible atm, which is a bit of a bugger really if you need to paint skirting boardssmiley - steam

Come midday I'd just about managed to weild the electric sander a bit and paint the interior of the bathroom door, but that was about itsmiley - sadfacesmiley - steam

The expression Udder on a bull comes to mind.

Eldest cracked on with the living room walls and ceiling and the gloss work all day - he's still there; he reckons he'll have the hall walls done by the time he gets back, too, bless him. He's a good lad. (his brother's got a double shift today, but is taking more time off during the week to help.

I came home early, and am cremating us supper, but I spect by the time Eldest comes home I shall be in the land of Nod.

Mr Carpet is coming to fit the flooring late tomorrow evening and then back to finish the job Thursday morningsmiley - magic But Eldest is going to sleep over at the flat tomorrow to let him in as its a 7.30am startsmiley - yikes

So it looks like I'll be moving in this weekend.smiley - somersaultsmiley - erm

Assuming I can hire a van of course.

smiley - run off to write it on my list of "To Do"s


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It's smiley - ok about the questions Ev, it's just that it is not entirely my news, and I don't feel comfortable about spilling the beans to all and sundry since we never know who's reading and saying nowt!smiley - smiley

It sounds like your lads are really great and doing Mum proud. Take it easy, just sit and do your lists - if you are like me they will be endless, but very useful. It takes most of the strain off the old grey matter.

Your new abode will be swanky when it is all done. Hope all goes well at the weekend if you manage to find transport.

Websailor smiley - dragon


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Moving On

I'll have to make an appointment to visit myself if it all goes according to plan Webbiesmiley - laugh I don't know what I was thinking of when I chose it, but the carpets are a very *very light fawn fleckled with cream!

But then, I tend not to wear shoes in the house; tend to pad around bear foot mostly.

And more by co-incidence than actual planning, everything I'vm taking with me is very light coloured wood, so it's going to look very light and airy in my Lilliputian Home. I'll take some photoes of "before" "during" and "after" and monopolise you on the e mails!smiley - ok

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