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Moving On

Oooh!smiley - somersaultOoooh!

Apparently laminate(wood) flooring actually *is cheaper than corktilessmiley - somersault

If the Credit Onion come up trumps my new home won't half look dapper...and ever so easy to keep cleansmiley - biggrin

I've always wanted "wood" floors.....I didn't think I'd ever be able to afford them. Well, technically, I can't really. Not upfront,anyway,

But I *can afford a modest loan to achieve them without crippling myself financially. And possibly if I opt for "cheap but good" a wall full of shelves and cupboards: I know what I want and have drawn it out. A few years ago I could have probably done it myself, as long as I had help hanging the doors and pushing in the really long heavy weight screws, so it shouldn't be difficult for a proper tradesman.

smiley - diva

Lets hope Mr Onion will be nice and let me have the eh? Appointment is booked for Monday morning.

smiley - cross Why haven't we got a smiley yet?smiley - winkeye

Things is Moving

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See if you have a Freecycle group in your area Ev, you can get some brilliant bargains for free. It is amazing what people will give away. I have given and received lots of things in the past.

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Moving On

Freecycle is one of the best things around, isn't it?smiley - oksmiley - biggrin
A wonderful place....

I've put lots for grabs up on my local site- just lately especially - and it never ceases to amaze me what folk are more than willing to give away. I managed to replace my Glass Sweetie Jars (for rice, and pasta type stuff storage) that way, and I was like a dog with 2 tails about it.

Generally it's great, but I've found you get takers who *say* they'll turn up and then don't bother to let you know they've changed their mnds - which is a bit of annoyance.

I s'pose... I s'pose I could put out feelers to see if anyone locally would like to give away a convertible settee and an L shaped Computor desk?

I can't see anyone who'd have a spare 49sq metres of laminate going begging somehow... but you never know!smiley - whistle

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Stranger things have happened you know. Some people have more money than sense and it is easier to give things away that bother to sell. It is certainly worth a look to see if anything suitable is on offer.

You get the occasional one who doesn't turn up so you have to be picky and talk to them to get a measure of them. Worked for me.

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