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Moving On

...on the Move. I'm going to see the property Wednesday morning, so at least I can measure up for flooring - from what I could see, it has those lovely cold Marley Tiles on it, (and that awful pine cladding on the living room walls - but I can sort that out - plenty of paint and an awful lot of bookcases at the very least.

And as I don't particulally like carpets, and no way could afford to buy wood flooring (which I hanker for with a passion) then well sealed corktiling thru'out seems like a good compromise.

Clean, warm underfoot, and best yet, no hoovering - just a damp mop swished over every other day to kill the dust bunnies. And I can change the rugs when I get bored with whatever colour I choose, because I have the attention span of a mayfly sometimes. And I'm good at finding bargains. Thank heavens.

That's imperative - I can't get furniture in until I have decent flooring down, and I want to get the walls and woodwork painted before I get the flooring down.

And in the meantime, I have to raise a loan from somewhere - Crisis loans apparently arn't for anything as "essential" as floor coverings (which I would have thought *were pretty essential if you haven't got any thing appropriate to walk on), just bassix, like a bed, wooden spoons and stuff. And obviously I have more than enough homely things.

I must have a look at the local Credit Union and talk nicely to them.

In the meantime, Eldest Son suggests I Google "Hammer Me" to see which local trademan can offer me the best deal for the havy duty jobs I need doing, which I know darned well my two lads won't or can't do. So that's where I'm going now.

They're great lads, honest.

But about as reliable as a chocolate fireguard on some things.smiley - rolleyes

smiley - run

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smiley - goodluck Ev, it sounds exciting. Hope all goes well. I have one super DIY son who is never available and another who is a computer whizz and never available smiley - rofl so I know what you mean.

Websailor smiley - dragon

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Moving On

smiley - laugh

You don't know how much better I feel to read that Webbie - knowing I'm not the only one with "unavailiable" sons!

Actually, it *does feel quite exciting now I've got my head around it allsmiley - somersault I've packed so many boxes I'm running out of floor to pile them up on.....and there's still loads to go.

I love the lads to bits, and I know I'll miss them, but I must admit, I'm quite looking forward to making my *own home... just for me, for a change.

That is, once I've been inside and feel a bit more confident about the size of the rooms in it and decided to say "yes", of course. I haven't said "Yes" yet, you see. I think the Council just assumes I will.

In truth though, they're probably right in that I will.

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I love mine to bits too, but they tend to expect me to be around when needed, but when I want help I have to 'make an appointment' if you know what I mean smiley - biggrin they have such busy lives.

Is there a time limit in which to say yay or nay? It sounds as if you have made up your mind really.

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Moving On

*Technically I was told I was moving in today, but now I'm told it's going to take around a fortnight before the Utility chaps have done their smiley - erm Utility-ing.

I expect the Housing Officer will press for a decision as soon as I've seen the place on Wednesday.

However, since I had that colonoscopy today,

(and in the scheme of things it wasn't too bad really - I didn't kick anyone)

I'll still be under the influence of the sedative I was given, and the small print/aftercare instructions they gave me tells me in no uncertain terms that any legal documents I sign will be considered null and void under law.

So the Council will have to wait for my decision until Thursday whether they like it or not!

Mind you, the Endoscopy dept also told me I shouldn't use any machinary *including kettles* for 48 hours as well; and have someone home to hover over me for the first 24 hours "incase"

And neither of them have happened.smiley - whistle

But the Housing Officer needn't know that, of coursesmiley - winkeye

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Goodness Ev, take care. You seem to have operated the computer ok so I guess you are sufficiently with it for the other things too. It is just as well the physical move cannot take place yet by the sound of it!

smiley - hug

Websailor smiley - dragon

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Moving On

smiley - winkeye computors don't count as machinerysmiley - winkeye

Mind you... I'm a slow typer anyway(need to be - my fingers seem to have taken to stuttering a lot lately) and preview is, as they say, my friend .

Must admit, last week I *was wondering how on earth I'd be able to combine a morning's medical investigations with a house move though!

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Moving On

smiley - somersault

Just got back from "Viewing"

It's pretty small - I won't need an awful lot of furniture... and I *may have to I won't get rid of any of my books; I can't.

Living room's about 12 by 10 (3660 x4334 in foreign)
Bedroom (behind it) 3660 x2750
Kitchen 2550 x2180 (floor space, anyway, that doesn't include the units)
Bathroom 3600x 2750

And a hall which is 1370 wide and at it's longest, 2800 long.

I have no idea what those measurements are in imperial - smallish is the best I can do so far.

But big enough for one.

Since I looked in last time, the whole flat has been made good and painted ubiquitous Magnolia... which I can certainly live with.

The kitchen is amazing.... there's more storage space in there than there is in the current flat. And I've asked nicely if they will leave the gas hob in....just as long as I sign a disclaimer (God bless Mr Elf and Safety) No room for my beloved dishwasher thoughsmiley - wah

The bathroom is really funky though - they've had to replace everything, and it's tiled in a sort of nice warm peach. It even has a window!

Room for shelves and things, too to store the towels and what seems (even to me) to be an ever increasing collection of smellies and what could loosely be described nowadays as ungents.

Once it was indulgence; now, it seems they're necessary routine body maintenance.smiley - sigh

Don't ever become middle aged, gentle reader, it plays puck with the texture of your skin.

I have cupboards galore to put stuff in, like brooms and mops and ironing boards and... oh I dunno... STUFF, generally.

But its the garden that's sold it to me - It's a communual garden, but we each have our own patch, with no boundaries - well apart from a washing line each.

The council cuts all the communal lawns... but I spied a small patch of scrubby flower bed at the end of "my" patch where I may even risk putting in a bit of a mini cottage garden, if the others don't mind. I can't see why they would. It's a north east facing garden, so they'd have to be hardy plants with a sense of humour to grow well.

There's enough paved room to put LOADS of planters - I can, at last, grow a few herbs, have a wigwag of runner beans (and sweet peas as well, if I'm canny) a pot of tomato plant(s)by the back door.

Here is room for me to put out a chair and sit and read with the sunlight and air on me if I'd like to.

I'll just have to learn to live small - in Eire I was spoiled because even the little cottages had room to spread out, and I struck really lucky in my current home - not many people who live in a flat can boast they have a 13 by 20 foot living room.

And I'll have to be bit ingenious in storing all my hobby stuff.

And I have a horrible feeling that there won't be enough walls to hang all my pictures on even if I scrunch them all up.

But a well designed kitchen, a bathroom that has both a bath and a shower over it, *and a garden with a wahing line*....

I'll probably grouse mightilly in later entries, (moving in is going to be GREAT fun) but right now, I feel a bit like I've just died and found out actually there *is a heaven.

smiley - wow A bit of garden....AND a washing line smiley - wow

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Hi, Ev, I haven't got round to converting the measurements but the living room sounds about the size of a living room in a modest semi without a bay. Are the big figs in cms? It might be a bit small (but cosy) with two strapping lads visiting though smiley - rofl but they won't need floorspace to sleep will they? smiley - biggrin

I have to say it would be the storage space that would sell it to me without a doubt, though the garden sounds nice, the bathroom too. Can you get round there some time to suss out the neighbourssmiley - huh Might be an idea smiley - smiley

I am sure you will be able to whittle stuff down to fit, but I would be the same about the books. My other half moans like anything about mine. Bookshelves everywhere except the loo!!!

Good luck and enjoy a new lease of life, and possibly new friends too.

Websailor smiley - dragon

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Moving On

I've already sussed the neighbours already - they're all about my age and, according to the Housing Officer "Quiet and respectable"

Apparently the previous tenants in this flat were evicted because of anti social behaviour (there was a spread in the local paper about it) and I have a sneaking suspicion I got chosen because despite allusions to the contrary, I actually live very quietly and could be described as "decent".

I was *wondering why one of the local councillors kept phoning me up to chat!! Now I know.smiley - laugh

It'll certainly be "small living" Webbie, but I tend to do cosy anyway. What I'm desparate to find is a comfortable settee that'll convert into a decent bed - I often have friends staying over, and friendly though I am, I'm a bit fussy who I'll share my own bed with - a spare sleeping space is a must for me.

I'm STILL absolutely estatic about the prospect of a garden and the chance to get earth between my toes and under my nails again.

I've really missed having a bit of earth to tend.

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I have had two years of my life without a garden and I hated it. I am not a gardener really, but not having an outdoor space of my own really got to me.

Funny, I am looking for a good convertible settee. I found one which was perfect, and expensive, but I had to pay upfront to a company I didn't know so I bottled out smiley - sadface I will have another go when the weather is a bit better.

Of course you are respectable, you are a friend of mine aren't you? smiley - roflsmiley - tongueincheek Sounds very nice neighbour-wise. That can make or break any situation.

Websailor smiley - dragon

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Moving On

smiley - blush I've never actually *thought* of myself as respectable before you know. I thought I was a bit more down wid'tha kids!

I know what you mean about bottling out with companies you don't actually "know"... I'm sifting out quotes for flooring/handymanning thru that site I mentioned and I regret to say I'm deeply suspicious of just how reasonable some of them are *despite all the tradesmen already being "pre vetted".

Its just a matter of being brave and going for it, I suppose..... these last few years I seem to have become a lot more timerous than I used to be; ten years ago I just used to jump in feet first and no safety net - what amazes me, is I always landed lucky - never occured to me I wouldn't be, I guess!

Time to rekindle that little bit of naive - or just dead stoopid -recklessness I think. The worst that can happen is I get a bit bruised, lets face it!

Re the convertible you mentioned - have you had a look at E Bay? I was amazed at what's being offered - some really nice stuff there currently, so have a look, eh?smiley - smiley

smiley - goodluck

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Thanks I might take a look. I shall probably do it suddenly when the mood takes me, things seem to work better then!! I have become more cautious since we retired, and there are so many more scams and rogues about now than there used to be, or are we just more clued up?

Websailor smiley - dragon

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PS How are you btw/ I forgot to ask, smiley - sorry

Websailor smiley - dragon

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Moving On

I'm fine, smiley - ta... ache like an aching thing, constantly tired, but I'm kept going on andrenaline and determination to get things sorted. Situation nnormal, really!

Mind you, my tum ached a bit the following day - I swear the guy was doing 3 point turns on Monday.smiley - yuk

I think we're a bit more clued up regarding rogues and cowboys nowadays... but sometimes I think that knowledge makes "us" - ie, society generally - blind to the fact that 90% of tradesmen are out there earning an honest crust and get tarred with the same brush as the 10% who are out to rip folk off. It makes us overly suspicious in a sad sort of a way

Also.... when you're on a limited income you suddenly come to a grim realisation you *really, *really can't afford to make any financial mistakes - it's about 10 years ago, now I come to think of it that I had to stop earning full time; probably when I became a bit timerous, maybe?

Gotta crack on now... boxes, more boxes and newspapers...and bubble wrap...smiley - headhurts

Oh yes.

And wondering if the coupe of inches of snow that's laid overnight will melt or freeze. @Cause if it's laying and freezing, it won't be me who's going to lug more "stuff" over to the Charity shop todaysmiley - laugh

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lil ~ Auntie Giggles with added login ~ returned

Good Lord!

How many years has it taken for Ev to become 'decent'? smiley - tongueincheek

Don't you go doing yourself a mischief, not now you are getting your new flat! smiley - yikes

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Moving On

How many years has it taken for Ev to become 'decent'? smiley - tongueincheek

smiley - erm about 52 of them at the last count Lilsmiley - erm

And even then, I'm not too sure I havesmiley - biggrin

I may HAVE to post you that Badger missis - could you e mail your address again please?

Oooh! And thanks for the christmas card, toosmiley - ok Been meaning to say smiley - ta for ages. my badsmiley - blush

I may be perceived "decent" but I very much doubt I'll ever be "organised" ....eversmiley - laugh

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lil ~ Auntie Giggles with added login ~ returned

Please do not EVER become organised... It would put me to shame! smiley - yikes

smiley - tongueout

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Me too smiley - rofl

Websailor smiley - dragon

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Moving On

I'll stick with the winning formula in that case.

I couldn't stand the pressure if I didn'tsmiley - winkeye

I appear to have lost a complete wall now; it's behind a large stack of packed boxes.

Unfortunately, so is the light switchsmiley - blush

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