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Swan Lake

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My head is still reeling from seeing Matthew Bourne's version of Swan Lake up at Saddlers Wells this afternoon.

Absolutely brilliant in every respect; the set, the lighting, the modern twist he put on it....and oh... the dancing. I sat there with the tears pouring down my face, moved beyond speech at the grace of movement and the silent power of emotions conveyed.

I've never been to The Ballet before, and this was not conventional ballet (I'm going to see a more traditional version of Swan Lake at ENO a bit later on in the year so I can make a better comparison)

I didn't even know the story of Swan Lake - and I deliberately didn't find out when I knew I was going to see this, because I wanted to see if I could interperate it correctly without knowing anything apart from that bit in the score everyone knows, even if they don't know where it comes from.

And... the dance and the movement told a story a thousand words couldn't even begin to convey. Who needs words when the body language says it all?

It was an all male ensemble who performed as the Swans (but a Mixed Company) - I can't imagine how it could have been otherwise; swans arn't fluffy, they're big, strong powerful wild creature. When this version first was first performed, it was uncomfortable for some of the audience because they (mistakenly) believed it was homo erotic. Apparently a lot of men walked out when the Prince and The Swan danced together because they felt uncomfortable at watching 2 men dance togethersmiley - rolleyes

It never once occured to me that it was; the dancers to me were just a whirl of powerfully conveyed emotions, the sory of desparately wanting to be loved and accepted for oneself. Sexuality didn't come into it as far as I was concerned.

Oh boy; what an introduction to an art form I've never eperienced before.

It was fantastic.smiley - somersault

Swan Lake

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What a beautiful post Ev, I am so pleased you enjoyed yourself. I have to admit the ballet is not something that has every attracted me, but like you I have never been, just seen bits on TV.

I think your description would attract anyone who was in a position to go. We have the Birmingham Royal Ballet here, but I have never ventured there. Perhaps I should.

Take care,

Websailor smiley - dragon

Swan Lake

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Moving On

Seriously Webbie, I'd try it if I were you - my friend and I went to the Matinee, becuase we try and do everything on the cheap if we can, and as she was over 60 and I've got a bit of paper to say I'm disabled we got further consessions.

I was lucky, this was a belated Christmas present for me, but now I've dipped my toe into the water - tho, like I said, this isn't the sort of traditional pointe shoes and tutu sort of thing - I'm going to make a point of trying to get to see this sort of stuff more often.

I'll be interested to see what I make of the traditional version later on in the year.

I've watched stuff choriographed by someone called Richard Alston when his company was on tour locally (and his crowd perform sometimes in Saddlers Wells, so they're obviously quite established)

I'm sure its very clever, but I thought the music was awful and raunging around the stage on your back, but pointing your knees in odd postures wasn't really my thing.

Regret to say I put it in the money for old rope catagory even though I know it takes immense physical dexterity to be that graceful.
smiley - laughI know. I'm just an uncultured philistine really, because I didn't understand any of it but I wouldn't recommend anyone going to see his stuff. I suppose the trick is choosing where to spend your money on is the key thing here.

But what I saw yesterday?

Every day of the week and twice on Sundays if I couldsmiley - biggrin

Gizza jobsmiley - ok

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