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It's Happened Again!!!!

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2legs - Hey, babe, take a walk on the wild side...

If you've not delt with Warden 20 by the time I next over that side of the country smiley - evilgrinsmiley - handcuffssmiley - bluelight I'm sure something could be arranged smiley - angelsmiley - bluelightsmiley - evilgrin
Oh lordy... you had to go mention painting... decorating... kitchens... replacement windows... I've been here now ten years since I bought the place... and the entire* place needs 're-doing;/.... Everythign*
Windows all shot to bits, all need replacing.
Floorboards upstiars all need resanding and restainging,
Tiled floors downstairs, and carpet need redoing... all floors cept the bathroom actually...
Everywhere* needs painting...
The kitchen is... horrid, nothign that* bad, just decrepid...
The utility room needs tidying up...

The one room I've done since I moved here, the bathroom... they did such a crap job it could do with just being ripped out and taken bare to restart it all from scratch... I think its the only option for me to just move out... and give the keys to peeople to do things in the right order... and oh, yeh, before any* of that, the central heating, pipework drains and electrics all need a good seeing too smiley - headhurtssmiley - wah its too much... I'm more likely to just move I think eventually smiley - snork

It's Happened Again!!!!

Post 22

Moving On

.... I'll deal with Warden 20 I reckon long before you get here Legs, I reckon; s/he will be a mere smear of *thing* on the pavement, if s/he's very kuckysmiley - evilgrin.. but the thought's appreciated!

I'm sure you've got the *potential for a nice house Legs.... but by the sound of it, Moving does sound like a realistic option from what you describe.

Man cannot live by (semi-OK'ish) Bathroom alone, after all.

Didn't I read somewhere you were considering getting another property? Any news on that, yet?

It's Happened Again!!!!

Post 23

2legs - Hey, babe, take a walk on the wild side...

Yeh, I was thinking of buying a flat back in my 'hometown', where prices are generally a lot lower than here in Cambridge anyhow; plus with the ressention they've really sunk down there big time... The flat I was looking at was origionally* on the market at a bit less than £80K, now its down to less than £38 K... I put in a couple of offers on it, but they refused... But I see they've still not sold, and they've actually dropped the price a tad* ... I need it to be even less though to make it work as the place needs work doing to it to make it suitable to rent out (I've already got the price on the work from our family friend do anything builder bloke) smiley - zen

I'm probably paining a bit of a worse case synario of my own place... If I could just get this weird leak fixed in the bathroom it'd be fine for a fair few years as it is... smiley - zen
The windows are the most important thing I need to get done; no point doing any painting and decorating if the windows haven't been replaced smiley - zen I just need to get the windows done then I think other things will just start to naturally get done bit by bit... smiley - zen
I might be able to get some help for the central heating stuff via that governemnt warm front scheme but I've not looked into that too much smiley - huhsmiley - erm (I did tell my Father about it though, and they've cavity wall insulated his house, redone the loft insulation, and put in a new boiler and radiators and I don't think he had to pay hardly anything towards the work...) smiley - zen

I'm still slightly tempted to move back to my hometown; If I sold this place, even as it is... put it with the money I've got in savings, I could buy two detached houses with gardens there, have both done up to very* good order all throughout... and still have a bit* of change left over... and one of them I could rent for about £400 or £500 PM, but... I'd find it neigh on impossible to get work in that area, and it'd be longer comuting into london (by about double the journey compaired to from here), and I just can't make my mind up smiley - headhurts I'd still kinda like to stay here, but I'd like the place sorted and to myself but can't really afford not to have a lodger smiley - dohsmiley - wah

That warden 20 is goign to get a lucky escape if I don't have to deal with him smiley - evilgrin I'd not do anythign nasty* to him... but well.. he'd never be quite the same smiley - evilgrinsmiley - snork

It's Happened Again!!!!

Post 24

Moving On

Heh heh....smiley - evilgrin

I think Someone Wiv a bit Of Clout has Had a Word with the PTB, mainly for employing a guppy like Warden 20 in the first place.

Got a letter from the Council today saying that they're being magmanimous and letting me off "this time"

(Yeahsmiley - rolleyes like I'm going to leave out a Blue Badge with an easilly break-into-able vehicle next time - do be brief!!!!)

I do hope the PTB used lit-tle words to Warden 20 though; (the phrase Daft [email protected] comes readilly to mind) It must be difficult being quite as dim as that in the first place, without adding to the silly devil's awareness of the inadequacy of his/her brain cell any further.smiley - evilgrin

It's Happened Again!!!!

Post 25

2legs - Hey, babe, take a walk on the wild side...

smiley - roflsmiley - laughsmiley - biggrin At least they've seen sense and written off the fine smiley - doh
I too often wonder how some of our homosapian friends manage at all given there often inexplicably low level of brain functioning... Quite a trick to pull off for some of them to just manage not to stab themselves to death each time they make a cheese sandwich... smiley - evilgrinsmiley - biggrin

It's Happened Again!!!!

Post 26


Glad that's sorted and we don't have to read of Warden 20 in a heap on the pavement with you standing over the silly littlesmiley - bleep

"This time" indeed! They just have to be so 'big' about it don't they?

Anyway, Glad it is over. I hope you have no more mishaps.

Take care

Websailor smiley - dragon

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