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Greetings Witchone!

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jaz'd(ace & yada yada *sigh* chocolate yada)

Certainly sounds like you've had a full life! I'm rather tired after just reading about it! By the way, I also like a fair bit of Alice Cooper & just the other day (well, last week) was listening to Ian Dury's "Spasticus Autisticus".

I'm just popping 'round to a few of the recent arrivals to say 'hello', 'welcome aboard', offer you a smiley - tea or smiley - coffee & some smiley - cheesecake...or I should have some smiley - choc in my knapsack, *rummages in his knapsack*...ah yes! So, smiley - choc if you'd prefer? It seems you've had a visit from an ACE or Assistant Community Editor, you likely know about the smileys or icons/"emoticons" (like the smiley - choc , etc.) You can access a long list of them - including both a smiley - witch & a smiley - wizard )by typing smileys into the search window. And, of course you can refer back to it at any time.

Feel free to click on my underlined nickname above this message, to visit my space if you'd like. You'll find that, despite my mention of 'Alice' & Ian, my main listening these days is Blues, R&B, & Jazz...but I do try to get in a fair variety of smiley - musicalnote.

In any case, hope you don't have too much trouble settling in...let me know if you're having any problems, I'll try to help, or at least call on some friends to lend a hand, ok. Bye for now *waves*

Greetings Witchone!

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Moving On

Thank you.. er... what do people call you for short? for your greetings and amazing icon -y note. I haven't had a visit from an editor yet and haven't a bulls notion how to do little faces or effects or anything fancy so until I discover HOW, it'll be straight
written word and no pretty stuff... mind you, have already had my leg pulled over the naivity of my computor techniques a;ready and a screed of "How tos" sent which I'll get the two Kevins to go through and translate for me. I only started playing computors a week ago - up till now I'd managed to avoid electronic stuff and screens, but it's occured to me I'll have to learn sometime if I'm to keep working
it was computors or teaching, and having taken a teachers cert this year I can safely say - I like the teaching bit but you can stuff the burocracy and paper work right where the sun doesn't shine.
Allow me to come off my soap box.

Dinasour rock is OK, but the vinyl stretches from Joan Armatrading right through to Zep, with quite a bit of modernish jazz rock fusion (Like Little Feat and Steely Dan for example) Today it'll have to be - as one of my old dears put it "Dreamy weamy stuff" as I actually have two clients today, so its a swift hoover round, decoke the kids ashtrays (Bless 'em) and on with the oil burners and ambience. Its a relief to get some business, but I'm concerned I might not be able to do as well as I'd want - my back and arms packed up two weeks ago after 20 years of unsolved agony. It was really freaky, not being able to feel my arms even though the bloody things could work and move. I knew the bod was on the way out, hence the teachers cert and eventual interest in things technological but [email protected] rather hoped I could manage another 20years and honourably retire. Anyway, a friend chivied me round to her Osteopaths and Mr Miracle reckons he can have me painfree and working within a month. Now if THAT happens then theres proof conclusive there really IS a god!!!!
In the meantime, after a break of 6 weeks I have two clients this week and - if the car is fixed in time (thats knackered, too) there are another 4 on one day and one (albeit a 20 stoner) on another. That'll go someway towards paying for the car.

Sorry, I do tend to rabbit - comes of not having a life, I guess - well, just the one and thats never enough. Thank you for the offer of help and support (and the chocolate - alas I am on a constant diet and am allergic to dairy foods - gasp - life without cheese or chocolate can be horribly grim). I like curries on occaision - cooked one for us last night which brought tears to my little angels eyes and stopped them moaning I don't use enough ginger and chillies - that'll show them!!!

Greetings Witchone!

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jaz'd(ace & yada yada *sigh* chocolate yada)

Good to get a prompt reply Witchone..uh, I can make that Dietetic smiley - choc if you like smiley - winkeye. Oh, I know what you mean, about the "burocracy and paperwork" (not specifically in the teaching context, but I'm sure it's everywhere! *rolls eyes*)

Coincidence you should mention Little Feat, they'd just recently been signed to open our Jazz festival in our posh new concert hall, no less! And Steely Dan are a favourite of mine.

Certainly hope that problem with the back & arms gets cleared up soon. I 'd had some trouble with a dislocated left shoulder a few years ago...they had to put a surgical staple in. So, the arm was out of commission for a few months & semi-useless for a few more smiley - erm.

In any case, its almost 3am here & I'm meetin' a mate to play pool tomorrow (uh, in about 6 hours)...they wouldn't appreciate me sleepin' on the table, would they? Hope to 'talk' again soon.

Oh & for a smile, just type a colon, hypen/dash, & an end bracket

Greetings Witchone!

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Moving On

Forgot about the time difference, (forgot there are any other countries apart from this one, if I'm honest) Thanks for the reply, sleep well, have a nice game of pool and lets have a try at a smiley:/) :~) Thats better

Greetings Witchone!

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jaz'd(ace & yada yada *sigh* chocolate yada)

Ok! Congrats!

Greetings Witchone!

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Moving On

Are You ready for this???

I'Ve been referred to the smiley - smiley site and have been having great fun. I can now communicae in fluentsmiley - aliensmile and pull faces at people metaphorically speaking. I expect you're smiley - yawn - thought you'd be smiley - zzz by now.

And oh look, I can even sign off smiley - witch one.

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