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Gnomon - time to move on

Welcome to h2g2, Witchone. I hope that you'll stay. There are plenty of people to talk to on just about any topic. We also are trying to build a decent online guide to the Earth.

Be warned!

h2g2 is amazingly addictive. You may find it difficult to stop posting to different conversations.

I'm 100% skeptical myself. I don't believe in tarot, alternative medecine, spirits or even God. But I try not to put people off, hence my carefully worded reply to Trillian.smiley - smiley

Hope to see you around!


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Moving On

I think you're quite right to be sceptical - just because I "see" stuff doesn't mean its there - it could all be the results of a fertile imagination for all I know. Its when OTHER people have "seen" or experienced very similar stuff THATS when I begin to wonder if theres anything in it atall. As for "God"... well, I just find it easier to believe in something bigger than me than not believe in anything and wake up in a cold sweat around 3.ooam! This h2g2 lark IS fascinating and, I suspect highly addictive. Its the speed of communication that does my head in - not being in the least bit science orientated, I think its easier to file this under the heading "modernmagic" - and I must admit, th speed at which I am learning I find quite impressive. Easter Monday, my friend from Mayo where I lived phoned me - haven't been in touch with her for..oh, MONTHS. Upshot was, she was "on the net" and I found this a great impetus to actually sit down and find out how to use the E Mail system. Then I got to playing the surfing game and discovered BBC7 site (being a sad bugger I much prefer old comedies like Milligan, Goons, ISIHAC, etc) and from that discovered a Terry Pratchett site which eventually led me onto H2G2. Its rather like one of those Russian Dolls, or unpeeling an onion in layers - I suppose there IS a logical ending to everything, but I'm still hunting.

Anyway, thanks for the welcome, I was rather impressed. By the way,do you think young Trillians "evil spirit" could in anyway be caused by her starving goldfish. It never occured to me to look at these "pages" - didn't realise I could till afterwards -before I jumped inot the conversation. Ah well


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Gnomon - time to move on

Your Russian Doll analogy is interesting. When you get to the doll which is h2g2, you suddenly realise it is a lot bigger than all the other ones. Most sites on the internet these days seem to be just advert sites. h2g2 on the other hand is run by volunteers (with a little help from a handful of BBC employees). And there are lots of us. THere's usually more than 50 of us logged in at any time. We've written 5000 articles on the world. We also talk a lot. Over the last three years I've subscribed to more than 4000 conversations and I'm not the most talkative by any means.


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Moving On

When you say we write articals about the world - sorry, the mind is doing press ups here -are we talking the world "in General" or specific stuff, or what? Being so new ( and probably annoyingly naive) I STILL haven't got to grips with the size of this site (or indeed many others. It took me two days to figure out how to register with freeserve chat and by god I really wish I hadn't. They had people on there discussing intently the contents of their breakfast plates for heavens sake - I'm no Einstein, but I do expect a certain level of intelligence in communication, even if its only at "my" sort of level. I'm digressing again, sory. What I'm trying to find out is how I get to see some of these articals so I can at least have a read and see if I'd be capeable of doing one myself. I really enjoy writing (I'm doing a reading in Margate later on next month which should be good craic, since I haven't done one for over 10 years) and it'd be nice to try and adapt my style a bit.

PS REALLY 4000 conversations? Good grief, how do you know? Is there some form of gadget I don't know about that records this sort of thing or are you just a tidy filer?


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Gnomon - time to move on

There is a way to keep track of all your conversations, but I'm not going to confuse you by explaining it now.

To see the guide, go to the front page. There should be a Front Page link somewhere on the page you are looking at now. The Front Page presents five new articles, known as 'Entries', every day (Monday to Friday). You can find all of the existing ones by following links on the Front Page: Life, The Universe and Everything.

Entries in the Guide are divided into two types: Guide Entries are written by anyone. You can do it by clicking on Add Entry. They automatically are added to the guide with whatever you want to say in them. There are very few rules here except, keep it clean and free from racism.

Other people can find your Guide Entries when they do a Search using the Search box.

The other sort of entry is an Edited Entry. This has been given the official stamp of approval by the Editors. It is linked from the Front Page and from other Edited Entries.

You can see a list of the Edited Entries that I wrote by clicking on this reference: A638994


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Moving On

Thanks for the input - I'm finding this all an amazing learning curve - people have been so nice, sending me info and "click heres" and generally explaining how to find my way around computing and getting all sorts of stuff from my PC. I only started this lark last week - no, sorry, 10 days ago or so, and only one lesson at Learn Direct, as my car has finally killed the clutch and is currently in the mechanics waiting to be fitted. I only went to learn the basics of Word Processing, as I wanted to be able to edit my poems so I could get some more rejection slips (I've been rejected by the best - Jonathan Cape, Bloodaxe, etc. I'm a classy failiure, I am) I can see that if I keep practicing and get my two lads to translate this HMGL language (which made about as much sense to me as ancient Greek does) and SHOW me what to do - I learn better by hands on rather than theory - I may well have the hang of it in... oh a decades time. I should be able to tart up my Personal Space with moving pictures and all sorts within a little while, but I think I'd better get the hang of downloading, copying and Pasting, ETC first. All this terms were totally foreign to me
so recently. How very nice I have a new hobby to occupy my time while I'm convalessing. This beats the hell out of painkillers and boredom I can tell you!

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