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G'day!smiley - laugh Yep back from seeing the short Aussie one in concert, & all I can say is WOW!!!!!!!!!smiley - wow
It was amazing, an experience i'll never forget. It was soooo overwhelming when she came on stage i nearly cried!! Laugh if you want, but i was just thinking "I see this superstar in my Heat magazine every week, & now she's just 50 meters away from me!!!"
The sets were amazing, the costumes were divine & the dancers lush.
smiley - drool
My favourite was at the end where Kylie came out & we all sang Especially for You as the words were projected on the back screen, then she did Love at First Sight, then we all did a Huuuuuuge Mexican wave, & then it was time to go!!smiley - wah
I'm DEFINATELY going again to see her if she tours again & me & my sister-in-law have made a pact that we will see at least 1 concert a year!!smiley - boing We've made a list of the artists we want to see & we're not too fussed about the venue.
I can't stop jabbering.....i'm still on a high, my throat is still sore from screaming & singing.....oh, hold on that is screaming in my case.........smiley - rofl

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Baby don't live here anymore.......

......well, he does but he ain't much of a baby anymore!smiley - wah Yes, my youngest cherub is 1 today!smiley - biggrin
He's a right little bruiser, let me tell you! For a little lass, both my babies have been bruisers. Hmmmmmm.........might have something to do with their 6ft3 dad!!smiley - dohsmiley - laugh
So my mission is to keep the "broody emotions" at bay. I don't want any be warned new mums & pregnant women, keep your distance. If i see you coming, i WILL turn & bolt the other way. No i'm not being rude, its just the only way i can keep my "broodiness" at bay!!!
smiley - smiley
Walks away chanting...."no more babies, no more babies, no more babies........."

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Conkers or Condoms?????

Aren't kids great?????
I was walking the the young 'un back from nursery when she stopped to look in the leaves that were scattered on the ground.
After asking her what she was looking for she replied, "condoms!!!!"
"What????" I replied, rather stunned.
"condoms" she repeated.
Then she jumped up & shouted "I've found one!!"
Opening her gloved hand she revealed................a CONKER!!!
I do hope she stays awat from the Autumn table in her class room that is laden with conkers. I keep breaking out in hot sweats imagining having to explain to her teacher that my daughter doesn't search through the leaves for condoms!!!!smiley - laughShe just gets her words a little confusled!!!smiley - rofl

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And back comes the reply........"Heeeeeeeellllloooooo"

Is there an echo in here??

Where in the blue Jesus IS everybody???

And YES, i'm back!!!!

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I did it!!!.....

Yes, I, Lynsey, brave woman of the world, clipped the rabbits toenails.....&....wait for it.............................................................................................................I SURVIVED!!!!

Now....i've just got to get through tommorowsmiley - rofl....I'm taking Chloe to Jimmy G's (like a Wacky Warehouse) & i'm hoping to come out of that experience unscathed too!!!

Fingers Crossed!!!!

smiley - diva

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