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Been A while

Wow, so been a while since TRFKAKJ (AKA Me) signed into this site.

Since my last visit, Dr Who made a comeback (and how)
I now have 2 kids, both at school
and we moved out of Ingerlund and into South Australia.

And now I note that H2G2 hasn't exactly been idle, and migrated out of the Beeb. Interesting times behind and ahead.


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Guess Who's posted this

For those of you still sad/lazy enough to have me on your friends list after a year of Elvisness.

Here's Jedi

(Cue axed door, Jack Nicholson peering in)

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So long and fanks for all the thish

After my Elvis period I found I can live without the BBC's version of hootoo.

I met some good people on here and I would just like to wish you all the luck and success you all deserve.

This is definately the last post I will make on this site in it's current incarnation. The decisions made by TPTB that the slanties have to impose are definately not how I imagined this site when I joined up in May 2003. Since it's the beebs toy I will leave rather than jump and scream to have it my way.

Be good, and if you can't be good, be happy smiley - winkeye


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Mmm I think it's time

That I sat on my lazy fat *rse and wrote something new. This is something I haven't done in nearly 3 years (since I wrote Why? in fact)

I need inspiration, motivation and generally a good kick up the jacksie to get going.

I know I have the time (look at the amount of it I have been spending on here just lurking) so I need to get motivated. Thing is I cannot do self motivation.


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OK I am looking to revamp my website ( for those who don't know) and I need ideas. A lot of what I want to do is background to make it a bit slicker, but I struggle with the content. I have 100MB of space with all the server side processing so I needs ideas. PLease help.
smiley - grovel


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