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Hello toyota You have been ACE`D

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Hello toyota..
I am intern a assistant community
editor.I meet and greet new user`s and make them feel right at home here on H2G2

I have selected some link`s for you to get you started and make H2G2 Less overwhelming.....smiley - run

Welcome Page A531459
Take the H2G2 non scary smiley - ghostsmiley - monster tour A317459 the smiley - bus leaves when you want it to
Im new what do i do now A868098
Feisors links for newbies A719840
Spiceing up you`r page A690518
Or have a look at H2G2 many smiley`s there goes one smiley - runA155909

If you want any more help just reply to this message by clicking on the reply to this post ill get back to you as soon as i can

Hello toyota You have been ACE`D

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Toyota Starlet

Is there any way I can attract people to view the stuff on my page. Currently it's not very exciting but it has some humourous thoughts in my journel and I have written a guide entry, but no one has looked at them, or if they have, they haven't left any helpful comments.

Sorry to bother you.

Hello toyota You have been ACE`D

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Huuummmmm There isn`t a lot of way`s of doing that realy
unless some one look`s through your pagesmiley - biggrin

However mabe if you added something to your name (ie)
toyota starlet..(see my humerous comment`s in my journal)etc

or maybe set up a nother page through the writeing the guide
A462485 And put load`s in there then put the link on your name and on your page as well

hope that helped

smiley - devil..intern..smiley - angel

it`s no bother at all happy to help..

Hello toyota You have been ACE`D

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Toyota Starlet

smiley - cheersThanks! smiley - biggrin currently sprucing up my page with smileys smiley - smileyand pics so will try new suggestions next.
PS come and see how I'm getting on.

Hello toyota You have been ACE`D

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Glad i could be of help
yeh ill have a look in stick kettle on for a smiley - coffee lol
smiley - devil..intern..smiley - angel

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