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The Starlet Rock Cafe
Welcome to the Starlet Rock Cafe. I'm the proprietess Toyota Starlet, I used to work at Milliways - The restuarant at the end of the universe but watching the world end every night got kinda depressing plus the tips were lousy so when I met Ford Prefect, Zaphod, Trillion and Arthur and they offered to take me with them, well it was an offer I couldn't refuse. And I thought Ford might help me break into rock journalism. Well I was wrong.
[version 1 - radio edit] When we stole the black space ship and found ourselves in the middle of an intergalactic war I bailed in one of the escape capsules (unfortunately leaving Zaphod, Trillion and Marvin to death at teeth of a carbon copy of the ravenous bug-blatter beast of Traal. Believe me I feel really guilty about it and if they drop by I'll give a free coffee or something).
[version 2 book version] Marvin teleported me out of the doomed stunt ship and I got to see the Disaster Area Concert for free (and I don't think i need to tell you how much they rocked) Well, I hitch-hiked round the galaxy for a bit, saw the sights, worked in a lot of bars and cafes some nice and some not so nice. Eventually i saved up enough money to buy a sleazy greasy spoon truck stop on an asteroid and I've been working to turn it into a classier establishment. Hope you enjoy your stay.
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Hi! I am Toyota Starlet and I don't look much like this:Spacey rock chick with big bass guitar. Like all writers who ar suddenly told to write something, I have sudden writer's block. Hummm....smiley - erm

Well, let's see. At the time of writing (18:35 16/04/03) I am new to this site. I am quite impressed with myself since I try to stay a safe distance from computers and do not usually join Things on the Internet since I have been warned about Bad Things That Can Happen To You On Them.

But anyway here I am. I spend my time either at Uni in Norwich or at home not in Norwich but near Guildford. Sadly I do not know Ford Prefect but would dearly love to meet him. Hi Ford if you're reading this; hello to anyone who is or has been to UEA and also greetings to anyone else.

I love drama which is why I am studying it, and I spend a lot of my time being involved in plays. I try and write the odd one in my spare time as well as poetry or song lyrics.

I am learning to play the acoustic guitar from a book. smiley - musicalnote i would love to be a rock star but sadly I don't think its going to happen. I pride myself on my good taste in music which spans 4 decades. smiley - peacesignsmiley - mod

My name? Well, its a type of car (ala Ford Prefect)but I think it sounds a bit cooler and more jet-setting.smiley - rocket

I like sci-fi / fantasy novelssmiley - magic, and cats smiley - catsmiley - blackcat.


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