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The War

We know that the BBC is right for banning the war from here, but as an old hack, our Master would impart a lot, as he has a blog dedicated to it, not taking any side but the innocent. Recording cruel remaks from such as Rumsfeld and "Hoon the Goon", my blog also contains wit, poetry, (and not only our Master's), cartoons, doctored gif's, and so on!

Still, the ff % 243 menage is full of poets, and so not ones famous for teaching, as this forum is basicall about, even if we do think that a lot on here are just like us, here to make friends rather than educate.

But we will try, we have always been trying.

(Sorry Terry, WE think it's a funny joke! What? Want us to write that word down and not as a French Connection?")

Yet somewhere behind this keyboard is a mind that was once clever, so if one person learns one thing from us, we would have helped you people of Earth.

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