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I'm a detail nut.

I've been building and scratchbuilding models since I was 8, and it comes from my love of details. Didn't matter whether it was a tank model, car model, spaceship, Pirates of The Carribean, or Planet of the Apes, I love looking at details on models and dioramas.

When I see an old run-down factory on the side of the road, I don't think "junk", I think "pipes, rust, rivets, ladders, barrels, etc." and I want to model it.

When I see discarded razors, or electronic devices in the office garbage, I think "How can I use that in my next scratchbuilt spaceship model?"

I used to go shopping for things that no one else would buy because I would see an engine, or nacelle, or command module, rather than an underarm deodorant case, or a razor.

My current passion is 3D model building on the computer. I'm obsessed with getting a fictional turbine to look just right. I can't stand large areas of blank space where there should be wires, cables, or rivets.

I'm sure there's something psychological with my obsession for details, but I don't care! I love details!

For examples of my 3D work visit the website below and click on 3D at the top of the screen.


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