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Just had Greek, my last exam. The worst bit is when you look at a translation and have No Clue what the first word means. Then you try and find the full stop, thinking maybe the second sentence will give you a clue to the first! The second sentence doesn't start til about 3 paragraphs later, and looks, if anything, even worse than the first. Then I finished the exam with nearly an our to spare and started freaking out, thinking I must have missed a page, or got the wrong paper of something. Ah well, at least it's over now smiley - smiley

After the exam I'd arranged to meet a year eight who was having problems with Latin (unspecified problems, rumour had it she didn't understand the difference between verbs and nouns - somewhat crucial, I would have thought). I was a bit nervous coz I want to be a Classics teacher when I'm older and this was my first class that didn't consist mostly of my sister. The lesson didn't go quite how I had expected, the one girl I had been expecting had morphed into eight, and I had been intending to do at least some of the talking myself...they were quite keen though, and I think they learned some stuff, which was the main purpose of the excercise.

I'm freee now anyway, don't have to know anything for another year, can just do and smiley - zzz

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