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Schools started again, VF 5 In 'The Post'...

School's started... that's the latest now.
Void Fruitcake 5 had appeared in 'The Post'. You can go check it out at <.>ThePost</.>. Still enjoying my CD Player, Full House, Drumming etc. Composed new song this week: THE GRAVEL X42 SPACESHIP. lol yea, it's related to Void Fruitcake and HHGTTG lol :D smiley - biggrin

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VF 4 in the Post

Not to forget VF 4 in the The Post today :D Remeber, it'll be in the CAC section every week smiley - smiley
Still wild listening to CDs lol smiley - smiley Next Video: Ice Age! smiley - ok

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Wow... i got me a portable CD player lol... :D Always wanted one. Actually it's Chinese-made and well, and counterparts of original products with more features thrown in.
Its called the Panasonic SG-888A CD/MP3/VCD Player (not original). I'm having loads of fun with it. Watched Scooby Doo today lol :D Cool!
Now I can listen to my mp3 collection and cd collection privately!!! :D LOL. This one cost $33.4 only (cheap compared to original counterparts). The remote controller is awesome too! The english in the short manual is... (to say it in the nicest possible way-) pathetic! LOL... but at least understandable. Oh well... That's the news right now. smiley - smiley

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Void Fruitcake 4 done!

I've done Void Fruitcake 4, and it's titled "Keep Your Big Mouth Shut". To know why, read on at A1020781. Provide comments and the sort. I've been sick - it's the cold! AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!! Those things grab you and wont let go until you've had a few bowls of homemade chicken soup. lol :D
I'm downloading PGP 8 (for eudora specially). I hope the free version supports it with Eudora 5.1 lol. I'm downloading all kinds of plugins and stuff for Eudora which I'm sure i'll never use.
I'll be glad to have any emails from you at [email protected] My mailbox's been pretty junked out lately (problems solved, thanks to Spamnix plugin for Eudora).
lol... my frontpage is damanged, Photoshop doesn't exist (CD with friend)... i'm technically broke smiley - winkeye lol

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Yippe! Void Fruitcake #1 "Creation of the Universe" at A1010692 is appearing in smiley - thepost as a part of CAC! Yahoo!
Ahem... i mean, yes... a wonderful event of sorts! No, YIPPPEE! smiley - magic
Have writted half of Void Fruitcake 4, coming great!
I saw the Salmon of Doubt yesteday, but couldn't buy it. Will do so soon though.
If you listen to metal, then please support me with the SHOAL (Sonic Headbanger's Open-Angle League) metal club which will be established soon.
Nothing more now... mosquitoes have started to come out! EEKS!

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