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Well a week as gone by and the happy couple are in Slovinia enjoying the sun on their honeymoon,

Ive re-arranged my rooms round as I now have a spare one.

AND IM BORED,smiley - smiley

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Im shattered

Yes I am,smiley - biggrin
Well its the day after and what a day it was,,,,
At the church everything was running smoothly when I arrived, till I gave the cd to the pianist,, Cus it was a copy of 4 different pieces it wouldnt play on their cd player, so the vicar had to fetch her cd player from home,,, The music used was as follows;;
For the entrance of the ring bearers, bridesmaids and bride,,, Braveheart
For the signing of the register....Conserning Hobbits (from LOTR) plus Titanic
For the exit out,,,,The end bit from Shrek
That made ppl smile I can tell you,smiley - smiley

As my daughter walked down the aisle with her friend as escort I DID shed a tear,,,she looks so happy and radient and beautiful (everyone said that not just me,lol)

The reception

This was wonderful, 64 guests sat down to this session, We had a toast master(another friend) who did an excellent job, The food was lovely (but I couldnt eat it all) A buffet style meal with the top table being served by the caterers and each of the other tables taking it in turns to get their food.
A friend made the cake ... which was lovely, 3 teirs botton 2 were chocolate top teir was plain, all covered in white/ivory icing, around each base a blue ribbon and a string of pearls attached to the ribbon, Each corner had a flower the same as used throughout the theme and a small bunch on the top teir.

The bridegroom and best man were in black siuts/tails with white shirts and silver/grey waistcoats and grey top hats, cravats were blue,, they looked real good,lol

There were lots of photos taken (another friend was in charge of those)
The evening part was also good, A disco with a good range of music,,, The bride and groom did their first dance to a song from AEROSMITH,,(I dont wanna close my eyes,,,,,,,,) Its their song..

The evening came to a close at 11-30 when the limo came to collect the happy couple, She threw her bouquet and,,, wait for it,,, I caught it,lol,, but gave it back for her to throw again,,,,

I eventually arrived home at 12-20am armed with half their gifts (the rest had been taken to their flat earlier) and I fell into bed about 1-30am

So today Im shattered, legs ache, back aches even my nose aches from all the hugs and squashing of my glasses,lol...

Thanks to those of you who have followed this with interest your comments have been wonderful

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wedding latest

Well its here, 19th July and a wedding day,,,,,
Yesterday all the last moment things were done so last night was a relaxed one,,,,,
I mopped the kitchen floor yesterday and then went and slipped on it, One leg went one way and another leg went the other way,,Im surprised I didnt hurt myself, esspecially with the Arthritis in the hips,but Im ok, thank the Lord (think He was watching over me)

Anyway its now the morning of the day and at 10am Im off to decorate the place where the reception is to be.
Bride and her bridesmaids are off to hairdressers at 12-00, which then gives me time to get ready...
Lunch (provided by a friend) at 1-00
By 2-30 everyone should be ready,,,,I hope,lol

3-00 Im then off to the church along with my other daughter to greet and meet everyone. The service starts at 3-30.

My outfit is a powder blue trouser suit with navy sandals and handbag ,,,NO HAT,LOL
The bride is wearing and ivory/white dress, square neckline and the bodice it covered with pearls,shoes are ivory with pearls on. Her hair will be up with a lattice affect at the back and shes wearing a tiara, no veil.A simple bouquet of ivory roses.
The bridesmaids are in baby blue silk dresses with small lilac flowers at the bottom and will also have blue stoles, blue shoes, and carrying cream & blue bouquets.
Dont know what the groom is wearing, Do know its a suit,smiley - smiley

Well that should do for now, will let you all know tomorrow how the rest of the day goes...

Have a nice day peeps, I'm sure we willsmiley - smiley


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14th July

Only 5 days now and the bride to be is shattered. No nerves though and thats good, she so excited and deleriously happy,
She tried her dress on again today, after it had been taken out and turned up, it fits lovely.
Evrything is ready for Saturday so its just a time of relaxation now,,, They have been getting the flat into some order with furniture etc, took all that needs to go from here across over the weekend, hes done the same,,, A few presents have come in already,
I am looking forward to the day and the rest afterwards,lol.....

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Well only 8 days to go now and then its all over bar the shouting.
The bridesmaids have their shoes now, The button holes flowers are created, Ivory roses for the ladies and Blue rose buds for the men.

The rehearsal went ok on Wednesday and everyone knows what their doing now,, (well I hope they do,lol)

Ive just got to get through the next few days and hope im pain free on the day,,,(Oh please)

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