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Learning British English

Hi everyone who reads this...

I am studying British English because I want to succeed in the Cambridge 'English as a second Language' exams.
I would use some tips on studying English. How do you maximize your vocabulary, for example? I could use all tips and tricks that you know!

Bye, Jacqueline

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Latest reply: Jul 9, 2003

Trips to European Cities

Hiya everyone,

Well, I hope people can give me information on this. The idea a friend of mine and I have is to plan Weekend Trips to European cities once in a while. But we want to do it in alphabetical order. We have had Amsterdam (I am living close to it) and we are going to do Brussels and Brugge this weekend, for the C we want to go to Copenhagen, but we don't know an interesting city starting with D yet. The only thing is, we have to be able to get there within 1.5/2 hours of flight, or by train journey. My friend is from the UK so will fly all of it, I am from Holland, so will go by train or plane, depends what's easiest. Can you give me any tips on which cities to visit during a weekend break?

Also: any websites that you know with a lot of information would be helpful!

Thanks a bunch!

Bye, Jacqueline

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Latest reply: Jun 24, 2003

Friends, I don't know anymore...

Well, probably no one will read this, but I want to get it off my chest anyway. What is it with friendship? My so called best friend doesn't even reply to me on my Yahoo Messenger anymore. I don't know what I have done wrong, the only thing I know is that she fell in love with a girl in the USA and suddenly doesn't have time for me anymore. I do have a couple of more friends, but no one as close to 'best'friend as she came. I just feel betrayed a bit. I am always here for people, always talk to them about their problems, but I do miss a best friend. Someone that you can talk to about everything that is bothering you. Or is this just an illusion? Doesn't a friendship like this exist?

I would like your views on this one if someone bothers to read it...

Hugs, Jacqueline

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