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Me in another place

This journal entry is actually just a shameless link to my blog. I've been writing it since 2005, so you would think I would be better at it by now, but never mind! Oh, dear, I'm not selling it very well, am I? smiley - erm

This entry is also an excuse for me to use this combination of smilies:

smiley - booksmiley - mouse

smiley - smiley

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Why does it hurt when I breathe in? Why am I squeaking when I breathe, and why is my chest rattling, in a chest infection kind of a way? I can't possibly have a chest infection because that would be stupid.


I am trying to make notes about the presentation of Jesus in John's Gospel, but it's taking far too long and is very tedious. How did I ever remember all that stuff? I don't think I could do my A Levels again now. I am trying avoidance techniques, such as writin a journal entry, and making my page look a bit more interesting - can you tell?

Must make more notes now.

Perhaps I would feel better if I ate some smiley - choc. Hmm, I already ate it all. smiley - erm

Hope everyone has had a good Bank Holiday Monday.

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I'm still here

Just to let you know I am still here, and to apologise to my terrible lack of committment. Sorry.

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Don't worry, it was just me being stupid! smiley - silly

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As you can see if you look, my entry about Revelation Rock-Gospel Choirs is in plain text. I do not know why, because I selected Guide ML, and it was fine in preview. Does anyone have any ideas? I have tried it several times, selecting different things etc. smiley - sadface


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