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Hello fellow friends and lurkers,welcome to my humble abode on this great site known as h2g2,,come on in ,relax ,put your feet up.smiley - my name is Em..i'm 30yrs old and live in the north west of England. I have one child who's far to clever for his age..I have a very loud ,bubbly personality and tend to get along with everyone..(well all except those people who think their so high and mighty),smiley - smiley - smiley -

My interests include .... Drinking as much as i can,and in as many pubs as posible,when i can get out smiley - , I love Karaoke,and many call me a karaoke queen,smiley - , Concerts, ive been to lots (mainly rock concerts though)smiley - , I love having a laugh with family and friends,and i'm the joker of the bunchsmiley - oh and of course anything fun smiley -

Favorites...... smiley - I am a huge fan of the classic film The Wizzard Of Ozsmiley - I love to watch/read anything on the Paranormal/Unexplained and anything spooky smiley - />smiley - smiley - I absolutly love Pizzzzzzaaaaaa smiley - I love Cheese,i practically live of the stuffsmiley - I love all types of music and listen to everything,,but rock/metal is my favoritesmiley - Karaoke,oh ive won a few competitions aswellsmiley - Smooching n snogging,but who doesn't eh!smiley - smiley - I am/was a huge fan of the fab tv series The X Filessmiley - smiley - smiley - oh and obviously the gorgeous David duchovny/Fox Mulder...phhwwooooorrrsmiley - Oh and i love meat free food,,what with being a vegetarian for the last twenty yearssmiley - I love anything to do with ancient Eygpt and Eygptology,and have actually been there and sat on the pyramids at giza...i have also been to cyprus,corfu,zante,magaluf a few times...though the place i really would love to go is Canada...i will get there one day,or maybe even emigrate there...if they would have me of course

Dislikes....Meat,,,Eggs,,,Fish,,,Poultry,,,Ignorant-Narrow minded people,,,Stupid Drivers,,,Liars,,,Sprouts,,,Drunken-Drooling Blokes,,,Being Sick,,,People who think they are superior and above everyone else,these people need to get a life,,,Oh and my bras,because there too big and too exspensive ,,,And much,much more

I LOVE MUSIC....all variations ..I'll listen to almost anything ranging from Marilyn Manson to Patsy Cline,,,depending on what kind of mood i'm in..though i gotta admit rock/metal is my favorite,,I love/listen to M.Manson,,Metallica,,Iron Maiden,,Bon Jovi,,Aerosmith,,Offspring,,Counting Crows,,Matchbox20,,S.O.A.D,,Placebo,,G'N'R,,Embrace,,,OLDIES LIKE ,,Magnum,,Whitesnake,,Skid Row,,Journey,,Slaughter,,Poison,,Quireboys,,The Cult,,Sisters Of Mercy..(yes you guessed it,all the fluffy haired bands) And so many,many more..i have also seen most of these in concerts over the years...YIPPPPEEEEE.....I have just recently (19th nov) been to watch Embrace in concert too,they where absolutly amazing,got their autographs too and the lead singer Danny is abit of a cutie..phwooooorrrrr,so now I'm counting down the days to 26th Feb to when i go watching them again,and of course drool some more.....oh and on 26th march i go watching Anastasia...

anybody is welcome to stay and chat with me,i don't always bite,i'll talk about anything(aslong as i know what it is your talking about)...i have probably got so much more to write down here,but i just can't think right now....

loadsa Love n Hugs......EM.xxxx


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