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Hi Pandapig...

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Jimi X

Welcome to h2g2!

It's not often that anyone says anything nice about the rules. smiley - laugh I think you'll find that h2g2 is a well-run site and is actually a pretty inviting online community. This is at least partially an official message since I volunteer as one of the Assistant Community Editors (ACEs) who serve as a round-the-clock welcoming committee.

The site has a bunch of brilliant help pages including the 'Don't Panic Tour' at A317459.

You've already created your Personal Space and I see you've been involved in a few conversations. If you find that you've got any specific questions, please feel free to give me a shout in this forum.

Again, welcome to h2g2 and I'd imagine I'll be bumping into you around the site.

smiley - cheers
- Jimi X

Hi Pandapig...

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Cheers Jimi,

I'm probably about to get kicked off 606 so may have more time to post to this site smiley - smiley

Tell 606 their House Rules are lousy (not just policy but badly-written)

Hi Pandapig...

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Jimi X

smiley - laugh

Hi Pandapig...

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I'm still a newbie at this emoticon language. I gather your last one meant "laff"?

smiley - ok

Hi Pandapig...

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Jimi X

Correct! smiley - ok

Hi Pandapig...

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Hi Jimi,

Looks like this is a dead thread so I'll politely


Hope to see you around
smiley - cheers PP

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