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quick Visit!!!

Hello to my old friends....just a quick visit,hopeing everyone is keeping well!!!!!I havr been a little pre-occupied the last few weeks,but fully intended to pop in before then,and didnt get round to it!!!!There doesnt seem to be a lot of people around just now...but to those who have my e-mail addy,please get in touch.....i do miss everyone!!!!Till them ..smiley - hugs from me!!!xxx

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Just popped in to wish everyone A VERY MERRY GHRISTMASsmiley - holly,and a happy and Healthy 2010!!!!smiley - kiss

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Hello there my friends,if indeed i have any left !!!Just a short journal posting to wish everyone all the very best ,if i dont manage to get back before Christmas.
We have had a recent bereavement in the family,the details of which i won;t go into in here,but it has been a sad and frustrating time for all the family.I must admit i miss H2,but the time for moving on arrived,and i decided to do just that......although i still lurk ,as Ws will no doubt confirm!!!smiley - hugI still have the same e-mail address,and telephone number,if i dont manage to get back to say hi soon!!!Take care everyone,and have a Happy new Year ....although i'm sure i'll make it back before then!!!smiley - kiss

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Happy Times Ahead??

I certainly hope so!!
smiley - discoTo all my friends on H2,i wish you Health,Happiness,and an abundance of friends for the New year.smiley - disco
I shall still be smiley - lurking,in my usual places,smiley - winkeye,and thinking of everyone when i'm not around in here!!!
smiley - love to all,smiley - bubbly

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The Time To......

Wish all my wonderful friends out there A very Merry Christmas,and a happy and Healthy New yearsmiley - holly
Sadly ,i don't use the site as much as i used to,but that doesn't mean i don't think about everyone,and at this time of year special friends come to mind more often.I hope you all have a wonderful time,and that the New year brings you all health and happiness.
smiley - hollysmiley - redwinesmiley - crackersmiley - mistletoesmiley - hug

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