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I'm BACK !!!

I have been away 4 a while now but just 2 let u no that i am around again. I would like my wallies 2 contact me again smiley - grovel plzzz.

Hope 2 hear from you all soon. p.s my addy is [email protected]

smiley - love ya'll

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Hunny b's

I believe i have become addicted 2 the delicous taste of hunny b's cereal *if non of u no already they are the winnie the pooh cereal* but since they've got the strawberry lil piglets mmmmmmmsmiley - drool

now i can enjoy killing winnie the pooh *by eating him* and the luverly taste that he leaves !!

sorry 4 littering ure page with this unnecessary entry but it really had 2 b said !!

TTFN *thanx Em that fitted rite in with the theme !! lol*

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smiley - disco Hello there friends nd family smiley - disco

I have decided 2 dedicate a journal entry 2 all my wallys nd 2 start up from the beginning the legendry house.

This means we no longer have 2 go thru the accents entry nd i can delete that of my bloody page !! lol

so here's the house ...

smiley - disco enjoy smiley - disco

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it was hard 2 pick which song was reflecting my mood the most at the moment and it came dwn 2 2 Linkin Park songs (1 of which was somewhere i belong) i no weird considering they aren't my favorite band but these words reflect my mood !!

memories consume,
like opening the wound,
im picking me apart again,
you all assume,
im safe here in my room,
unless i try 2 start again.

i dont want 2 b the 1,
the battles always choose,
coz inside i realize,
im the 1 confused.

i dont no wots worth fightin 4,
or why i have 2 scream,
i dont no y i instigate,
nd say wot i dont mean,
i dont no how i got this way,
i no its not alright,
so i'm breaking the habit,
i'm breaking the habit 2nite.

clutching my cure,
i tightly lock the door,
i try 2 catch my breath again,
i hurt much more,
than anytime b4,
i had no options left again,

i dont want 2 b 1,
the battles always choose,
coz inside i realize,
that im the 1 confuzed

i'll paint on the walls,
cause im the 1 at fault,
i'll never fight again,
nd this is how it ends.

i dont know wots worth fightin 4,
or y i have 2 scream,
but now i have sum clarity,
2 show u wot i mean,
i dont no how i got this way,
ill never b alright
so im breaking the habit,
im breaking the habit 2nite.

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I've just finished readin a article in 2day's paper about a girl called Nicola Raphael who commited suicide because she was bein bullied !!

This article really touched me bcoz she commited suicide when she was 15 (the age i am at the moment) n that was 2 yrs ago yet the reason why she ended her life is still going on !! Bcoz she was a Goth !!

She was an individual and she wanted 2 express her views of musik in a different way from evrybody else but her peers turned against her !! didn't want her 2 do that bcoz she wasn't like them so they started makin her life hell until she cud take it no more n swallowed 40 co-proxamol liad dwn in her bed n w8ed 2 die smiley - sadface

I find this attitude of people disgusting i feel that people like Nicola nd myself should b allowed 2 wear wot we want without bein subjected 2 abuse by peers !! we are still people with feelings and although we may have different opinions we are still human smiley - sadface

I read the rest of the article 2 find that she ended her life 2yrs ago nd still on the day of her death her memorial gets trashed by the bullies who drove her 2 sucide !! These type of people should not b allowed 2 live but unfortunatley they do !!

I no by writin this article i dont change wot has happened but i hope i have opened peoples eyes to the pain that people endure 2 share their beliefs !!

I send love and peace 2 Nicola's family, friends and Nicola herself !! Bless her soul xx

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