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And the answer is... 42!

My geography lecturer read out a quote from hitch hikers today! I was dead impressed. He did admit that he hadn't actually read the book, but I think I'll let him off for managing to make the fact that the answer to life, the universe and everything is 42 connect to geography in some way! I think his point was that you need to know what the question is in order to use statistics or something.... but to be honest I wasn't paying masses of attention at that point because I was too busy smiley - wowing that he'd put a quote from my favourite book into his lecture!!

smiley - silly

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University tomorrow

So, tomorrow I leave for university, 300 miles away smiley - yikes in wait, erm, rainy Lancaster. I'm just taking a break from packing my whole life (well it feels like it) into a few bags and boxes to write this.

It's kinda scary, but also pretty exciting, especially as quite a few of my friends went to their universities last week and have sent back emails saying what a great time they're having. Also one of my friends is going to the same uni so at least there'll be someone there I know smiley - smiley

I had to say goodbye to my boyfriend last night which was kinda sad as he'll be so far away (he's going to Southampton - opposite end of the country!!) but although I know I'll miss him like crazy I also know that there's no way we'll forget about each other and I'll hear from him all the time smiley - brave

My mum went to the supermarket this morning and bought me loads of cool stuff (well I say cool - it's like, washing power and stuff smiley - erm but the fact that there's lots of it is cool smiley - biggrin) so I now have tomato soup (apparently there was a special offer - my mum's a sucker for those!) and pasta coming out of my ears!

I may be offline for a couple of days while I settle in a get my laptop connected to the uni network and everything, but I'll have the internet in my room so I'll still be around on hootoo. Not when I'm meant to be working though, of course.... Lol.

And I won't forget my towel! smiley - towel See?

smiley - rainbow

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Officially part of the edited guide!

Yeay! My first ever Edited Entry is on the front page today! I'm so proud! smiley - bubbly

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Quote of the day

Great is the man who can laugh at himself. He will never cease to be amused.

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