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Hi Alison,
Nice to write to you.

Butterflies, they are beutiful to look at fluttering gently around the garden but last year I played around with planting a few vegetables and I saw butterflies in a different light.

The butterflies had laid their eggs on the underside of the leaves and sudddenly they were all eaten away, seemed like overnight. I was very disappointed and go down the greengrocer again.

Not planted this year so I can just sit back with me tinny in me hand and the barby firing away and just admire the butterflies again.

Will write again.

PS I'm new today and this is the first reply that I have made. I'm glad that you were the first.
Byesmiley - smiley


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Alison (ACE)

Hi there,

I'm glad I was the first too smiley - biggrin. How are you settling in? Sorry I haven't replied very quickly, but I've been very busy recently with revising - I have my finals coming up in a couple of weeks smiley - yikes.

Butterflies are beatiful - I saw one yesterday and it made me think that summer is definitely on it's way... Always good! Sorry to hear about your vegetables though smiley - erm that's not so good.

Hope you are enjoying the beautiful weather. It's been lovely up here in Lancaster - what is it like in London? We've been playing frisbee on the field at Uni when we're taking breaks from revising! Anyway better get back to it (the revision that is, not the frisbee, though I wish...) smiley - laugh

Speak to you again soon,

Alison smiley - rainbow

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