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Busy with many, many things. Not posting here much.

It's my 12th anniversary on the site on February 22nd.

Seems like a decent run.

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Planning Etiquette

As long-time journal readers will know, L and I have been planning a wedding for the past few months. We've booked a venue, sorted a registrar, got a photographer and all that sort of thing.

And while we've not got round to sending the invites yet, it's pretty much common knowledge when the date of our wedding is. Especially with my family, who've all booked rooms.

Anyway, on Friday evening, we learned that a cousin has booked his wedding for the week after ours. Is it wrong to be somewhat wound up by this, as it's pretty much guaranteed to take the focus off us on our wedding day, as that part of the family will (understandably) be more interested in what's going on the week after? Or are we acting like a pair of spoiled brats by being so riled up by this?

Genuinely interested to hear other people's opinions, as there seems to be a split (near enough along gender lines) on this.


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I'm now 42lbs down for the year, and about 70lbs down from my 2009 fat bastardry peak.

I'd put links to before and after pictures, but I'd only put you lot off your lunch.


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Plans Proceed Apace

Well, we've finally booked the wedding. October 26th next year, at some posh country house in Cheshire, I'll be getting hitched.

There's still a fair bit of planning to be done, but with the venue, catering and guest list sorted, we've got plenty of time to sort the rest out. Especially given that her parents are handling the flowers, and mine are providing a honeymoon (ten days in Puerta Del Carmen, Lanzarote).

I'm sure there's a crisis on the horizon. I just can't imagine what it is yet.


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Wedding Bells

There's only so long you can be engaged. Engagements inevitably and inexorably lead to one thing. Marriage. So it should come as no surprise that L and I have finally set a date. October next year (2014).

We've found a venue - a big posh country house hotel in Cheshire (the bridal suite has a jacuzzi).

We'd even sorted our guest list of 50 people at the service, growing to 100 for the evening do. Grand. Close family and friends at the service, everyone we know for a party later.

And then the mothers get involved...

We'd decided we didn't want to be "those" people who banned all kids from their wedding (miserable barstewards), but couldn't find space for the 10-ish kids our respective cousins would be bringing at the service. So we put them on the "come in the evening list".

Cue two days of horse trading as L's mum got huffy about certain cousins not being invited because they're also L's godmother's nephew's milkman's penpal, and they invited L to their wedding in 1994 anyway and besides they only had two kids under ten so it'd only be four of my friends that needed to be cut.

So we cut four of our friends to keep the peace. And then my mother decided she was "very sad" that L's family would all be there but her two nephews, their two partners and the six kids they've had between them wouldn't be there and besides they invited us to a Christening and it's not their fault I didn't go to the church and just turned up at the party afterwards.

Which leaves us with no friends attending the main service, with the exception of Laura's three bridesmaids and my two ushers.

Unfortunately though, even after dropping our friends, there's no room for all the kids. Leaving us in the position where we've got all our cousins at the service, but no space for their kids. And short of a 13 year old wrangling his siblings and assorted other children into a minibus, they won't make it to the evening do either. Making us the sort of miserable barstewards that have an unintentional "no kids allowed" wedding.

Unless their parents, who we weren't originally inviting to the service to avoid this situation, don't actually attend the service at all and just come in the evening.

Still, if we keep our respective parents happy, they might help us pay for this thing. Which should be a bit of a cracking pissup.

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