You have got to read something published after 1066!!

What's up everyone? I'm Caroline (a.k.a THE SCOOBIES (Jenny)!! Was formerly Drusillafan by the way!!) I'm 19 and I live in England....oh yeah, and I LOVE Buffy too!! Here are some basic Buffy-related facts about me.

Favourite seasons: 2, 5 and 7
Favourite Scoobies: Anya bunny and Willow magic
Favourite epsiodes: "The Gift" gift, "Lie To Me" and "Lies My Parents Told Me"
Favourite villains: Drusilla :-[ Spike :-[ and Glory weird

Ok, some basic stuff about me. I'm 19, my cake birthday cake is November 18th, and I'm at Durham University studying Modern Languages. I have a lovely boyfriend called love Simon love who I've been with for 6 months now and who I love with all my heart loveblush. I miss you darling smooch kiss cuddle. Apart from :-[ Buffy :-[ and angel Angel angel, my fave TV programmes are Friends, Red Dwarf, The Simpsons and Neighbours, and I'm into some older stuff like Fawlty Towers and Blackadder too. I also love stand-up :-D comedy :-D, like Peter Kay, Billy Connolly and Lee Evans.

I love any kind of musicalnote music musicalnote, especially Ghost of the Robot, Evanescence and Four Star Mary, and my fave films (there's a lot!!) are cupid Valentine cupid, Cruel Intentions, the Scream and porkpie American Pie porkpie trilogies, Darkness Falls, Wrong Turn, The Matrix and Queen of the Damned (even though the vampire mythology in that one was screwed up!!)

As for fave food, I can't resist a good pasta dish and I'm addicted to white chocolate choc!! In my spare time I enjoy watching Buffy and Angel (obviously!), reading, playing guitar, writing stories, compiling Buffy quizzes to puzzle you all, buying pressies for Simon, clubbing till the early hours and getting very drunk!! stiffdrink

As you know I'm a member of The Scoobies (yay!!) so come and meet my friends:
Our very own Slayer Buffy U242292
Her best friend and Wicca Willow U224578
Her other best friend Xander U516068
Her Watcher Giles (the sexy fuddy-duddy!! :-D) U242297
Her little sister Dawn U250945
The gorgeous vampire Spike U521797
Tortured vampire Angel U536804
Ex-vengeance demon Anya A1124308
Powerful Wicca Tara U212479
Popularity queen Cordelia U233320
Werewolf Oz U532887
Rogue Slayer Faith U239680
Watcher Wesley U544775
Angel's sire Darla U248424
Ditzy vampire Harmony U241775
Insane vampire Drusilla A1033958
The Hell-god Glory U516337
Bad witch Amy U540966
Potential Slayers Kennedy U529127 and Rhona U211002
And the much-missed Slayer Kendra U250640

So there you go! Hope you all can find the time to send me a message, I'll always find the time to reply. If anyone ever wants to talk Buffy, just leave me a message!! Ok, I've gotta go. See ya!

ta ok cheers angel devil bunny martiansmile bleep disco footprints handcuffs

love Jenny rose

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