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Authorship of the stuff we write

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Tibley Bobley

Hi Underguide Eds. Looking at it, I'm sure this must be a mistake. It can't be deliberate, can it? All my stuff that's been edited, has been credited to its editors. It looks as though all my stuff was written first by the eds and secondly by me. Can't find my way round the new version yet, but I'm guessing that all the Underguide writing has been credited to the Eds. Can it be sorted out so the Author is the Author and the Editor is the Editor, at all... please? I think the problem is only in the new version of h2g2.

Here they are:

Torment Terminus

The Project



The Mares of Diomedes



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Authorship of the stuff we write

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Hi Tibley,
No of course this isn't deliberate. In the Feedback thread where you posted this, the h2g2 editors said that this was a bug with the new skin system. Unfortunately there's not much the UG can do about that. Hopefully the problem will be resolved as soon as possible, as they work to root out the bugs in the system.

I was just thinking about "The Mares of Diomedes" last week, by the way. smiley - smiley


Authorship of the stuff we write

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Tibley Bobley

Thanks Jordan

Yes I see that now. I posted here straight after posting there, as GB and lil suggested - and that was before the editors replied.

It's been ages since I wrote any stories and I haven't read any of them for ages either, but once I started taking copies and uploading them to my new site, I read some of them again. That "Mares of Diomedes" really is horrible, isn't it? Especially the end. Pin can take credit for that. He's an excellent teacher!

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