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Sunday 16th March, 2003. Just after 6:00 pm. Outside it's raining and cold, and inside I am once again finding activities to keep me from studying.

I woke up at 9 this morning, which means I have had nine hours at my disposal so far. Out of these, I have studied for a massive two hours. Looking back, I am always amazed at how much time I waste, so as an exercise in time management I'm going to see where those 7 hours went.

9 - 10.
Spent the first half of this hour hitting the snooze button of my alarm clocks (both of them) and crawling back into bed. Then I finally shuffled downstairs for some cornflakes with warm milk. The newspapers were all soggy due to the horrible, distinctly un-Maltese weather outside, so I put on the gas heater and tried to dry them. The main stories were about the launching of the Nationalists Party electoral campaign (we are 4 weeks from a general election), and the columnists were all rambling about last week's EU referendum. I also glanced at the TV listings - there's Raiders of the Lost Ark tonight, but we'll get to that shortly.

10 - 11
Study. Not all that intense, but at least the house was quiet and I finished my Rheumatology. I need to start speeding up though, becuase note-taking is a long and dreary process.

11 - 12
Got dressed for Sunday mass and then checked my e-mail and read some more of the papers until it was time to leave. Mass started at half-past, and we arrived feeling moist and cold.

12 - 1
Last bit of mass, then a quick drive home. Mum was cooking lunch but it was far from ready, yet I decided not to study in the meantime. Downloaded some more early-90s songs via Kazaa, and checked my e-mail yet again. Also downloaded the latest Animatrix short film from their website and watched it. Weird stuff.

1 - 2
More time-wasting on the pc till lunchtime. Lunch was chicken soup followed by fried chicken and mashed potatoes, which were all divine. We discussed politics, impending war in Iraq, last night's miserable KSU ball, and my younger brother's interviewat the corinthia this morning. Dad was also on TV in the background on a program called 'Qalb in-Nies'.

2 - 3
Went back on the pc after lunch to send a couple of e-mails, and then finally went upstairs to study.

3 - 4
Studied till half-past, then went downstairs to watch the match between Inter and Como (Italian serie A). Inter were leading 2-0 at half-time.

4 - 5
What was meant to be a short break has turned into a full-blown football afternoon. I dozed off a coupld of times during the second half (Inter won 4-0) and then made myself some tea with Ovaltine biscuits.

5 - 6
More time on the PC, with occasional trips to the TV. Ended up watching a very crappy comedy on LivingTV called 'According to Jim'. Then I browsed around and ended up reading an entry here at about how to alleviate boredom whilst commuting.

Mostly TV and PC. The football didn't help, but I'm sure I would have watched anything that was on. This evening I'm more or less sure I'll end up watching Raiders of the Lost Ark so that leaves me around 2 hours in which to study, which realistically means I'll study for one hour and relax for the other.

God help me in June.

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Description of a Sunday

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