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Hello and welcome!

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Atari - Tok'ra (With my symbiote Jullinar)

Welcome to h2g2! I know you're busy with med stuff smiley - winkeye but if you have the time, please say hi!

<./>dontpanic</.> is a good place, check it out!smiley - biggrin

Hello and welcome!

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Emmily ~ Roses are red, Peas are green, My face is a laugh, But yours is a scream

*waves* Hi Atari..smiley - smiley..

Hi Camillu..smiley - smiley..

Welcome to h2g2..I'm of the many ACEs'..(Assistant Community Editors)..we're here to offer you a warm welcome..advice & links to help you find your way around..

Oh..&..I'm a real person..not an automated computer find out about on my name above this conversation can do that..on anyones name in any conversation thread..smiley - magic..

Have a smiley - tea..smiley - coffee..or..smiley - ale..put your feet up..relax..&..let your fingers do the walking..

You can click on any of the numbered links below..

You can click 'Preferences' on the screen to change your number to a change the skin..(background)..there are 3 to choose from..brunel..alabaster..or..classic goo..(if you have not already changed are in brunel..the default skin) might like to experiment a bit..see which one you prefer to use..smiley - biggrin..

I know there are a lot of links to 'take in' all at might find them handy for future reference..smiley - smiley..

You might like to hitch a ride on our [email protected] A317459

A full list of Smileys including some great new [email protected] A155909

You can find h2g2 [email protected] A901829

The slang used here can be a bit confusung..h2jargon explains [email protected] A632431

You can customise your space..using what is available through h2g2..Find out more @..A Taste of [email protected] A768594 ..or Spicing up Your [email protected] A690518

2..ACEs'..have created hints & links for new researchers..Feisor'[email protected] A719840 ..&..Rocket Man'[email protected] A725500

Like most communities we have Clubs & Societies..find out about [email protected] A660340

If your interested in writing for the might find Writing [email protected] A53209 useful..

Hope you find these helpful..& enjoy yourself here..smiley - reply to this post..If you have any questions..or if you just want to say 'hi' 'reply' below..

smiley - rose

Hello and welcome!

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Atari - Tok'ra (With my symbiote Jullinar)

No wonder they made you an Ace!smiley - winkeye

Hello and welcome!

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Emmily ~ Roses are red, Peas are green, My face is a laugh, But yours is a scream

*waves* Hi Camillu..smiley - smiley..

Hi Atari..smiley - ta..smiley - laugh..The friendly welcoming..&..offering of links is easy..

I think it's the Guru's who have a difficult job of explaining how do do things..sometimes to people who've never used a computer before..I can remember when I was a newbie..I was accessing via digibox then..I had to keep asking..what does this mean..what does that mean..sometimes I felt so smiley - silly..not don't find out..if you don't ask..Amy the Ant..&..Whisky..were the 2 main Gurus that helped me..they were so patient..they were smiley - starsmiley - star anyway..enough of my rambling..enjoy your chats..smiley - biggrin..

smiley - rose

Hello and welcome!

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Atari - Tok'ra (With my symbiote Jullinar)

Rambling is okay!smiley - biggrin

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