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Hello there, Sarkie ?

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Was there something about Feb 26th 2004 which made it more worthwhile to start a Personal Space page than during most of 2003? smiley - winkeye

If you haven't already found your way around, you might want to see all the guide entries too important to be merely a number at <./>NamedEntries</.>. smiley - online2long

Now, if you'll excuse me, there are probably other things I should be doing than joining you in your sarcasm and irreverence (eg indulging in my own elsewhere). However, if you have a question, click on the reply link below and I'll be back. Otherwise, feel free to ignore this message. smiley - run

Hello there, Sarkie ?

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Random person

By the time I'd spent enough time on h2g2 to think it worth editing my personal space I had more important things to do, like applying to University. Now I'm back, briefly, between doing A-Level coursework and revising for A-Levels.

Hello there, Sarkie ?

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The coursework and revising activities both seem pretty important. They should probably take more time than merely filling in a university application form (though choosing and visiting some universities could have taken longer). Don't forget to surface from the books/notes occasionally for food though. smiley - biggrin

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